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Exhibition season is here again and for many businesses, the serious planning has begun. Pop up banners have been designed and sent off for print, team t-shirts have been approved and your printed material is being finalised.

There are a few more loose ends that need tying up but the biggest job still yet to do is to decide on your promotional items. In this short guide, we bring you the merchandise that’s going to turn heads and have customers flocking to your stand.

Know Your Audience

The first step to deciding on what to offer is fully understanding your target audience. Through your audience segmentation work done by your marketing team, you’ll already have a great idea of their age, demographic and so on. You’ll know their social media preferences and how they access your services. Use this information to decide upon the kind of merchandise you’ll have on offer.

The Traditional

There are some products that never go out of fashion and these might include lanyards with your company logo, here. Other items might include, key rings, sticker bugs, mugs and of course, pens. You know your customer and whether they will prefer something along more practical lines or if they will be impressed with something small and more tech oriented.

The Tech Offer

From the simple, branded USB sticks to power banks that charge a variety of phones, there will be something out there for all budgets. If you’re thinking lower end of the spectrum, then stick to phone stands and in-car chargers with your name on. If you’re willing to push the boat out then why not go for Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth earbuds or smart watches, similar to the popular Fitbit design.


It might be that having people wear your name is your goal. We’re not just talking about t-shirts but all manner and styles of caps and hats, hoodies and jumpers. Think outside the box with foldaway ponchos, wristbands or even aprons, perfect if you’re in the catering or produce industry.

Something Different

Looking for something a little quirky? Show off your green credentials with collapsible bottles, salad-on-the-go containers or even seeds and mini flower pots. Offer accessories for phones that your customers didn’t even now they needed such as plug-in mini fans or a fish-eye camera lens.

How about a portable chop and cheese board or a pocket multi-tool? The options are as varied as your imagination.

You know your customers and you know what will make them feel rewarded for visiting your stand. Opt for merchandise that gives a sense of well-being, fun or practical application. Make sure that your order is placed in plenty of time to allow for any mistakes to be rectified before show day.

Exhibitions usually mean long days and lots of time spent preparing but the chance to talk to customers face-to-face shouldn’t be overlooked. Get everything on point and your stand will be the star of the show with customers returning to you again and again.

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