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A lot of websites are failing to reach high levels of conversion because their web design is lacking when it comes to product presentation and merchandising. Your online store is arguably the most important feature of your website. After all, this is where there is the potential for money to be made. When looking for a company providing website design you need to see that their dedication is to generating a website which will make you money.

This means that they know all of the tricks of the trade to display your products proficiently. This encompasses a lot more effort than a lot of people realise. You need to deal with image size, product descriptions, SEO, up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, viewing options, number of images, type of writing, quality of images, and purchase persuasive content amongst many other things. Keep reading to discover how to achieve successful product presentation and merchandising for your website.

The images you use can be the difference between a viewer buying your product or looking elsewhere. Therefore, a great amount of consideration needs to be given to all product photos chosen when dealing with your web design; this includes size, number of images and so on and so forth. A good quality image can do all the hard work for you and become your most persuasive sales tool. You need to make sure quality does not deteriorate if images are resized. This could be during your process of scaling down the image to fit into the interface of your website design, or it could be when the customer chooses to zoom in on a product.

Not only is image quality imperative, but it is always recommended to include multiple images of your product. This allows customers to view it from all angles and therefore they get to see all qualities of the product. In fact, 360-degree views are becoming a popular trend used by professionals providing website design.

Your product description should not be overlooked. Don’t overcomplicate things by trying to give artistic descriptions filled with metaphors and elongated sentences. Any good web design professional will tell you that logical content is a must. Make sure you seek a company providing SEO knowledge when choosing the best business for website design. After all, the product descriptions will need to contain relevant keywords, and Meta descriptions and title tags need to be expertly constructed. You need to also consider what information is likely to make the visitor want to purchase e.g. a quick delivery, info regarding stock availability, and reduced prices.

When choosing a design agency, one of the most important qualities they can provide you with is the tactical positioning of products. They know how to create a layout which is going to increase your chances of sales. This can also be described as up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. This involves the clever placement of products next to one and other in order to encourage the user to buy a product related to the one they are already going to buy. A good example of this would be to put a beach cover up next to a bikini of the same style.

Alternatively, you could put a memory card next to a compatible digital camera. This aptly displays how you can use your web design to aid merchandising and encourage larger volume orders. Your website designer also needs to think about the different viewing options for the consumer. Some of the best websites allow you to view products in various sizes when scrolling through – i.e. two per width or four per width. And then there are those which provide a tab allowing you to select between the likes of price low to high, price high to low, bestsellers and new additions.

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