How To Improve Your Website For Beginners

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Nowadays, having an online presence can really help towards building a profile whether that’s in business or merely in your personal life. Improving a website though can sometimes seem quite difficult though. However, you’d be surprised by how easy it can become with a bit of learning and patience. Here are a few tips on improving your website even if the world of technology is not your strong suit.

Invest In A Design

With so many web designers and free or paid for templates out there, investing in design is one way that you can dramatically improve the appearance of a website with just a few clicks of a button. Some companies or individuals may just design a template that you install yourself. However, to make things a little easier, it’s worth going with a company where you can buy the design, and they can implement it onto your website for you. That saves on all of the hassle and cursive words you’d be shouting at yourself for accidentally deleting huge chunks of your website.

A good website to try out is a company called Pipdig. They do bespoke services where you can design your website from scratch. However, they do have a wide range of pre-made templates that you can adapt and make your own. They offer fantastic customer support before, during and after the purchase so it’s great for any beginner who will naturally have a million questions. It’s certainly worth the small investment, and it can help boost your website’s appeal.

Add Pictures

Imagine you are the customer or visitor to your website. It’s important that you’ve considered every visual aspect of your website to make sure that it looks appealing and that they actually want to remain on the site to read or explore the content you have on there. So one of the elements of a website that draws in visitors is pictures. Pictures can break up a big piece of writing or can provide an explanation of what it is you are trying to show or sell, for example. These pictures should be of high-quality and preferably your own. However, you can always use stock photos if the image you are after doesn’t currently exist in your bank of photos.

No one likes a blurry picture so be sure to alter the size of the picture to align well with the layout of your website. A lot of visitors are likely to enjoy the look of a clean website, not one that’s littered with oddly sized photos that are all over the shop. A big tip, which can relate to the SEO of your website, is to edit your photo name before uploading them. This helps those who may not have the devices available or the ability to see photos. The ‘alt text’ provides the description of the photo.

Get Help With SEO

SEO is worth paying attention to, especially if your website is for business. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and in basic terms, it’s the process of raising your online visibility aka your website, into the web search engines. The more you do to improve it, the higher you can rank on people’s search engines which of course is a gold mine for anyone looking to boost their traffic and visitors. There are many ways that can help the SEO of your website, and many of these can be self-taught. One of them is editing image names as mentioned above. Writing longer-form content can also show search engines like Google that your website is content rich.

However, if the jargon is a little too much to understand, then there are plenty of companies and individuals who can help you with this aspect of improving your website. Consider what you need before parting with your money as you may find you need a one-off partnership or an on-going one.

Use Social Media

Social media isn’t going anywhere, especially because many of us have become so reliant on it as a source or news or entertainment. We use it everywhere and anywhere because it’s very much accessible to all of us. Social media platforms are only growing as time goes on, so it’s certainly worth dabbling in it yourself. Having a strong social media following can help to promote your website a lot easier because you can simply display your website’s link on these platforms for all your followers to click on. It also works vice versa. Not everyone loves the same social media platform, so try each one of them out and see what works best for you.

Try getting your head around hashtags or if you already understand them, use them, especially on Twitter and Instagram. Hashtags are something you’ll usually add at the end of a status on Twitter or in the picture description below on Instagram. This helps more people find your content, so the more you use and the more often you post, the likelier it will be that you’ll grow your followers quicker. Try not to use too many though that it feels like you’re overwhelming that content you’re posting.

Buy A Domain Name

A domain name makes a website yours and is unique. You can buy domain names from any website host providers such as GoDaddy, for example. These domain names will mean your website won’t have the .wordpress or .blogspot after your website name – it’s the .com domains that are still popular. This is particularly important on a business level as it gives you a more professional appearance. However, even if your website is merely a hobby, it’s great to show pride in your work. Domain names are super cheap and only get more expensive once you gain more traffic, so why not find out if your website name is available?

Improving your website shouldn’t be difficult, but there’s always something you can be doing. Technology is constantly changing, so something that’s relevant now might not be so in the future. It’s true that you can learn something new every day, so why not make your online space, your next project?

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