9 Ways To Change Up Your Home On A Budget

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If you’re looking to change up your home, you may think that it’s a task that requires a lot of money, and you may not be sure that you can actually afford it. However, there are many things that you can do on a budget, that will make your home look and feel brand new, so give these things a try if you’re looking to change the way that your space looks, and feels. We can promise you that they won’t break the bank, and they will give your home a unique and personal touch that you’ll just love!

  1. Get painting

Sometimes, you just forget how a lick of paint can go a long way when it comes to changing up the look of your home. You don’t have to get a professional in to do this if you’re really on a budget, you just need to decide what colors you’re going to go with, and make sure that you have the right tools for the job! Even a slight change in color can give your home a brand new feel, so try out some testers to see what would compliment your furniture, and get painting.

  1. Make your own cushion covers

The problem that you can sometimes have in the modern day is that most people get their furniture and decor from the same stores, so the unique look that you really want just isn’t attainable if you’re buying all of your home products from the leading brands. Instead of doing this, why not make your own cushion covers, so that you have something unique to put on show in your home? This is easy and cheap to do, and will reflect your taste and the look of your place.

  1. Change the lighting

It is undeniable that every room has a ‘feeling’ about it, and the general mood of a room is largely influenced by the lighting within it. Instead of having harsh lighting, you could invest in some lamps to set the mood, and you can change up a room by making sure that you’ve got some lovely lighting to complement it. This is also the case if you can have dimmer lighting, so that you can get rid of the harshness of full lights in an instant, and change up your space quickly.

  1. Have a clear out

Believe it or not, your home may feel like it is dark and depressing because of all the clutter that you’ve been collecting within it. You need to be strict with yourself when it comes to this; have you used the item within the last six months? If you haven’t, then you have no reason to be holding onto it, and it could be taking up valuable space in your home and making you feel like you don’t actually like your decor. A clearer house is a clearer mind, too, so this could benefit you in many ways.

  1. Buy some plants

This one is a very cost effective way to make your home feel brand new, but adding plants into your space can actually change the whole feel of a room. Think about it: having some lovely plants in your home that look great, and will purify the air that you’re breathing, will really help you to feel like your home is a different, and healthier, place. Make sure you learn how to look after them, however, as you could end up with a few dead plants on your hands if you don’t!

  1. Give your old surfaces a revamp

If you don’t feel like your worktops and floors are as great as they could be, then you may not have to splash the cash on investing in new ones. Instead, you could polish them, and see all of the scratches and marks disappear before your eyes, leaving your home feeling and looking like it did when you first purchased them. If you’re interested in doing this, look into Carrdiamond concrete polishing tools, and do the job yourself to save a bit of cash. It’s easy, but it will look great.

  1. Thrift, thrift, thrift

Aah, thrift stores. There is nothing better than these little gems, especially when you’re looking for some new (but old) things for your home. Vintage furniture is really coming back into fashion, so why not get your hands on some for a reduced price at a thrift shop? They don’t only offer old fashioned pieces either, so look into what you can get from being a little thrifty. This also enables you to have one off pieces in your home, which will give it a great unique look, too!

  1. Rearrange your furniture

Something that will cost you nothing to do is rearranging your furniture, but it could make your rooms feel as though they are totally different places. Think about how you can best utilize the space, and what would give you the illusion of having more floor space than your current layout. You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes, and you don’t even have to purchase anything new, or give anything away. This is a quick, and free, way to change things up in your home!

  1. Put up some new paintings

If you want to change your home but you’re pretty happy with the layout, then why not try to add a few paintings into the mix instead? You can even cut things out of magazines and newspapers if you don’t want to go all out and buy original paintings, and you can usually find them in thrift stores, too. Adding one or two around your home as focal points will really help to create a homely feel, and they can be used to express your interests through your decor, too.

So, there are many ways to change up your home on a budget, from painting, to thrifting, to clearing up the scratches on your old work surfaces and floors. Don’t believe that you have to spend a lot of money to have a great new feel in your home, and try some of these things out before you do so!


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