How Great Office Furniture Increases Productivity

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When it comes to workplace, every single piece of furniture plays an important part in boosting your productivity and potential. Having great furniture at work will give you the ability to take your efficiency to a completely new level. This is the reason why all the leading companies around the world focus so much on providing a makeover to their old and boring furniture by inclusion of new and stylish furniture within their offices. In this blog posts, we will discuss how great office furniture contributes to increased productivity and we will look at ways to enhance the productivity of your employees with enhancements in the furniture at workplace.

Boring Furniture Makes You Lazy

Not only does office furniture that looks boring will make you lazy, it will also make you irritated and clumsy in doing your work. Being surrounded by outdated furniture, individuals often lose interest in work and this affects their productivity directly. Moreover, if it is impossible for anyone to work during these important 7 to 8 hours of the day because of the bad furniture, it is likely that they will also slack at home and in socialising. Get office furniture from somewhere like Furniture At Work to make you more productive.

Enthusiasm is Linked with Vibrant Colours

Offices these days are opting for bright coloured furniture. This is because bright and cool colours help lift up a person’s mood. Having light coloured furniture alleviates stress and directly contributes to increased productivity.

Clean Furniture is Essential

It is not just about style and colour – cleanliness is responsible for providing you that much needed positivism and relaxation. Disorganised offices deprive workers of the zeal and enthusiasm to work properly. A well-kept and clean office on the other hand will keep workers comfortable and they will have the ability to perform better.

Having Things in Place

Keeping things handy and in place will increase productivity. For example, if there are any specific accessories like the printer, scanner or fax machine, these will need to be placed in a space that is easily accessible. Often times, workers dread having to go to another place just to be done with simple tasks. Keeping items handy will definitely speed up the work.

Divide the Office Space

It can really be helpful to divide your office space into two zones – one personal and one professional section. The team will use the personal section in their free hours or when they are taking a break and the professional section will be used for their job-related tasks. This way, your team will accumulate two different environments in the same office and it will strike a balance between their private and professional lives, making them more productive and their brains fresher.

Standing Desks for a Healthier You

Offices these days have started introducing standing desks in their workplace, which provide an alternate place for people to feel more alert and take care of their health at the same time. Many studies have shown the bad effects of sitting for extended times, linking diseases like diabetes, cancer, obesity and heart problems with it. We also tend to be sharper when we are working while standing.

The Advantage of Daylight

Great office furniture and interior needs to be designed in a way that it fully utilises the daylight. There needs to be more windows not just for the light to come in, but also for the employees to perform better. There seems to be a direct connection between vitality and physical problems and offices without windows. Some other problems reported by various studies include poorer sleep efficiency, daytime dysfunction, and sleep disturbances. Having windows brightens up the environment, even if the outside view is not great.

Ways to Improve Productivity with Better Office Furniture

We all want the best results at work, and a good working environment will definitely help achieve that. To ensure that the best office furniture is used in bringing out the most productivity, it is important for companies and its employees to follow these simple rules:

  • A Layout that Promotes Communication.Communication is the key to any workplace success. A smart office layout will help support passing of ideas and will improve overall team spirit. For this, companies need to follow rules in which silos are minimised and open spaces are adopted wherever possible (of course, you will still need separate boardrooms and relaxing spaces). It is also essential for businesses to discuss new office furniture options with its people to help them all contribute and be a part of the process. This will make coming to office and working in a space that they selected, much more worthwhile.
  • Maintenance of the Office Furniture.It is very important to maintain the office furniture to avoid speedy wear and tear. This includes taking care of the new furniture as well as keeping an eye on the older furniture. As a team, everyone needs to take pride in what they have and ensure that it is kept in the best condition possible. This maintenance is also important due to the health and safety factors associated with it.
  • Comfort is King.When you are talking office furniture, it needs to be comfortable. Your seat is something that will be in constant use by you, each day and it will need to be very comfortable to help you relax and concentrate more on the work at hand. Chairs should always be adjustable to suit different needs and uses of employees. This might seem like a small little thing but its impact on the productivity of the workers can be huge.
  • Complement Comfortable Chairs with Good Tables.Now only a comfortable chair will not be enough – you also need to have good tables to complete the workstations. A good table is of a nice size, big enough to allow an individual to perform all tasks with ease and place all essentials comfortably, such as a monitor, keyboard, files and paperwork etc. Your desk should never make you feel cluttered. A nice working area will help you concentrate on your all-important work without any distractions.
  • Light Up the Rooms Nice and Bright. Just as discussed earlier in the case of windows, it is important for the office to be well lit, even if not enough external light enters the rooms. A well-lit room will help employees to see better and put lesser strain on their eyes and is a great way to keep the place looking live and vibrant.
  • Furniture Positioning Can Make the Difference.The positioning of your office furniture is paramount when decorating the office. It will be important to figure out who works well sitting next to who and there will need to be thought put into practicality and health and safety concerns. Having a complete makeover of the structure and positioning of the furniture can be refreshing for the employees as the entire place will look brand new, but it should never be at the expense of reduced practicality.
  • Break Time Space Enhancements.Placing a small table tennis set up can be a great idea to help employees relax. It is a great way for employees to take a break and stay active as well. Through such games in which they will play in tams, they can better bond with each other and relax before returning to work.
  • Essentials for the Office Kitchen.The most important break of them all is the lunch break. Having a microwave in the kitchen will make this break a whole lot better. Likewise, it is essential for every office to have a fridge as well, as employees are usually working with time constraints and looking for quick solutions for their convenience.
  • Add a Television As Great Recreation. Televisions these days are slim, portable and very essential in offices. While you may not be able to directly link them up with the overall productivity of the employees, they do help trigger useful discussion and create that important bond between team members through debating on topics. It is a great way for employees to relax, be entertained, informed and educated at the same time. Televisions are great for employees to relax their minds and give themselves a healthy break away from their mentally exhausting routine on the desk, contributing to stronger productivity once they will resume work.
  • Keeping Office Tidy Will Matter the Most.The difference between a good looking office and a bad one can simply be how tidy it is. Employees need to be responsible for their own workstations to some extent and they need to ensure that safety regulations are met. All paperwork should be filed properly to make the desks look neat and tidy and also help the employees in locating any important document when needed. Cleaning duties, specially of the kitchen and toilets should be put on rotations to ensure everything is prim and proper there at all times. Keeping all these things intact will then lead to efficiency and smoothness of the entire running office, which will then in turn, help create better end results and enhance overall productivity of all the employees.

Do you have any thought or comments on this topic of your own? Has your office recently revamped its furniture? Did it work for you? Share your thoughts and stories with us in the comments below. Please do also check our other blog post on The Best Office Design to Boost Work Productivity.

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  1. Totally agree with you that vibrant colors set the tone for the day. Bright and colorful furniture impacts productivity positively. Thanks for sharing these great pointers.

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