Choosing the Best Headsets for your Call Center

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Call center work can be intense, absorbing and surprisingly tiring, especially if the equipment is not up to spec. Good call center managers are aware of this and make sure that their employees are given appropriate incentives, proper training, and supplied with high quality equipment, designed to suit the needs of the business.

Things to look at include how much use the headset will be subject to: will the employee be on calls the entire time they are on shift, or will there be periods when the headset – or even telephone receiver – is not in use? The busier the call center, the more likely it is that a higher end headset is required. Those featuring a mute or hold button, the facility to play music, or even the ability to hear the customer’s voice while preventing him or her from hearing the other side of the conversation as problems are discussed and resolved with team leaders, can make all the difference when it comes to presenting an efficient and professional telephone environment to customers.

Once you have decided on the features that your headsets need to have, you can look at issues of connectivity and compatibility. Ensuring that your equipment is compatible with your phone lines and internet service, and having the right software to monitor calls when necessary, are vital to the smooth and professional running of your business. A great range of headsets for Avaya phones, for example, can be found readily, thanks to the company’s wide reach and generous market share.

Once you have ascertained how hard-wearing your headset must be, and that the chosen design is compatible with your telephone and computer systems, you need to look at the appearance and comfort of the headset. An important consideration is how many earpieces you want. Having one earpiece is great for keeping tabs on the goings on in the office, perhaps directing visitors through to the right office or listening for the doorbell. However, having both ears covered can mean a better experience for customers who can then be sure of getting the employees undivided attention when explaining their issues or requests.

Deciding to have the absolute best headsets on the market is all for naught if the cost is too high. Ensure you have worked out a budget before you begin your shopping, to make certain that you get the best possible equipment without going massively over budget.

If in doubt, there are a number of places that you can try for advice and support. With many call center workers suffering hearing issues, it is vital that ethical employers take steps to safeguard their workers’ health and safety. More advice on how to ensure that call center employees are looked after properly can be found easily, and it is recommended that all scenarios are considered and a contingency put into place for it.

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