Cut The Clutter From Your Company

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Too much clutter could be slowing down your company. This may not just be a case of physical clutter – it could be a case of offering too many services or using too many suppliers. Here are a few ways that you can reorganise your business by simplifying and cutting away the excess baggage.

Go paperless

Going paperless has many advantages. By having everything digital, it firstly puts everything in one place so that you’re not having to switch between physical and digital documents. It can also save space in your office – you won’t have piles of paperwork or a need for printers and filing cabinets. On top of this, it’s eco-friendly and cost-effective – you’ll save money on postage and save the planet by reducing the demand for deforestation. Email can replace postage and documents can be shared using the cloud. You can even sign documents digitally nowadays using services like Docusign.

Declutter digitally

If you’ve got too many programmes and files cluttering up your computer, it could be worth digitally decluttering. This could help you to be more organised and efficient by deleting items you don’t need. You should also find ways of keeping information stored in one place rather than spread out over multiple computers and programmes. The likes of Employsure can do just this, putting everything in one place. You may find that you’re able to uninstall programmes that you don’t need by using other programmes with multiple functions.

Merge suppliers and providers

In some cases, it may make financial sense to order to stock from thirty different suppliers – but you have to ask yourself if it’s really worth the headache of having so many contacts and payments to remember. Using suppliers that can offer multiple services could make it easier for you to keep track of stock. You should also consider providers for things like insurance – rather than taking out property insurance, liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance from different providers, it could make your life simpler to go with an insurer that offer all these schemes as part of a bundle.

Streamline your services

You should also consider the services you offer. Trying to be a jack of all trades could be resulting in more hard work for you and your employees. Not only do you have to train your staff to carry out all these services, you also need to have all the resources. Streamlining your services, whether it’s cutting down a menu or covering a smaller area, could make your job is easier. Just make sure that you still offer your most popular services – it’s the only the services that you rarely ever use that you need to abandon.

Consider your employees

If certain employees aren’t bringing anything to your company, you may have to face the harsh decision as to whether you need them or not. Strategically hiring people to fill roles you need could be a more sensible business practice. Of course, there may be employees who you can train up or reposition in a different role – you don’t have to get rid of these employees.

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