Irksome Office Irritations That Can Drag Down Productivity

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Sometimes it’s the irksome small things that can build over time to become a major problem, and nowhere is this truer than in an office environment. That is why you have to keep an eye open for such issues and nip them in the bud where possible. To help you with this read my guide below and ensure your office run smoothly and productively at all times.


Throwing a load of people in together that don’t necessarily get on, and are in competition with one another is the perfect breeding ground for gossip. However the spreading of rumours can be toxic, especially if it became the preferred activity over work, or it affects the perception of one person on the team.

Unfortunately, gossip isn’t easy to deal with and can be hard to quash once it has started. The best thing to do is to have a strong policy on such things, as well as providing a regular opportunity for people to air their grievances appropriately. You can also encourage an atmosphere of employees giving positive feedback to their co-workers. Something that can help foster a more healthy work environment and improve productivity.

Poor Printing Facilities

Another thing that can really impede productivity is a lack of decent printing facilities. No one wants to have to walk to the other side of the building to get one sheet they have printed. Then realise once they get there that there has been a jam and have to go through the process all over again. After all, you don’t want to break your employee’s momentum or creative flow having to sort issue like this out.

So to ensure that your printing facilities always run smooth use a company like Cantec Print Services to handle them. They can take all the hassle out of making sure that machines are working to their full capacity, that there are enough to go around, and that they communicate with your computer’s reliably. Something that can make it a lot easier to guarantee a positive and productive workflow in the office.


In an office environment meetings at some point will be necessary. However, spending hours and hours at a time in one meeting or another isn’t a good issue of anybody’s time. In fact, the need for people egos to be stroked and for them to be heard can overtake the usefulness of many a meeting situation. Something that can waste time and severely hinder productivity.

So cut back on meeting to ones that are only as absolutely necessary. Also, employ management methods like standing meetings where all the attendees do not sit down, as this can encourage people to be brief and to the point of what they are saying.

Another great technique to stop meeting sapping time and productivity is to run 10-minute briefings every morning, instead of official meetings through the day. Then issue from the last day can be identified and managers can oversee and get them sorted without wasting the time of everyone else, to whom the issue doesn’t apply.

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