Hire The Person, Not The Skills

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In the competitive world of the twenty-first century, finding the right person for the job can be hard. Not only do you look for the right qualifications and the most experience, but you also look for the right personality to fit in with your company. With all these things to consider, it’s hard to figure out which is more important.

Skills and qualifications are crucial to most jobs, but does that mean that someone with less experience should be cast aside? The problem, especially with younger job-seekers, is the fact that they find themselves being rejected for jobs on the basis that they don’t have enough experience, yet nowhere is willing to hire them and give them that experience. It’s an endless cycle.

With a role title like ‘executive manager’ of something or other, you do expect the candidate to have the right experience – and rightly so. But there is a whole host of roles out there that don’t rely on that. In fact, there are many that don’t have to rely on a candidate having the right skills or qualifications.

Skills can be taught – within the company, or they can be sent on a course. Things like forklift training solutions, writing HTML, or fire safety are all things that can be taught on a course after the employee has been hired. And there are many things that can be taught within an office or workplace. Proficiency in using a web-building site can be developed on the job, learning how to work a different sort of machinery can be taught on-site.

The question is: why should you pay for that? And the answer is simply because they are the right person for the job. Hiring the right person is more important than whether they have the skill already. Because if you offer them the job on the condition of them going on a course, then they will. They want the job and will work hard for it.

These sorts of people can be more hardworking, a better fit for your company, and show more initiative. And you’ll see all this by their ambition of applying for the role in the first place – without the experience. And through their willingness to go away and learn the skills they need and better themselves for the benefit of your business.

Determination and willingness like that are hard to come by, and shouldn’t be disregarded in favour of someone who ticks the boxes but doesn’t deliver. Giving someone a chance like this also inspires loyalty – and they are less likely to defect to a different company where their new skills will be used against you. By offering someone an opportunity like this, you ensure that your business will benefit. Your employees are the mechanisms that make your company work – without them, it would fail. Help them, and they help you.

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