3 Ways To Show Your Employees That They’re Valued

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It’s important to show your staff that they are valued. Employees who feel respected and valued at work will be more productive and happier in their roles, yielding better results for your business and a lower turnover. Employee wellbeing is becoming an important policy for many businesses, and it’s important that it sits at the top of your agenda for a better workplace. Take a look at three ways to show your employees that they’re valued below.

1. Establish wellbeing schemes and policies

Your employees’ wellbeing should be an important consideration for your business. Healthy employees are happier employees, and there are a number of things you can implement in your workplace that helps their wellbeing. Discounted gym memberships, cycle to work policies and even on-site exercises classes can all help employees feel healthier and looked after. You can also help secure employee financial wellbeing, easing the stress many of them might be facing as a result of financial pressures. Offering different wellbeing benefits to your employees will cost you money, but it’s an investment worth making to make them happier in their jobs.

2. Consider flexible working

Flexible working offers a range of benefits for businesses and employees, helping to move your business move towards a more modern way of working. Businesses with flexible working policies help employees to enjoy a better work/life balance, manage childcare and helps them make the most of the time when they are in work as opposed to worrying about commitments elsewhere. Flexible working has been shown to offer more motivation to employees, make them more loyal towards a company as well as feel happier in their jobs. It may mean a change in your technology infrastructure, but it’s a small price to pay for a better working environment.

3. Recognise and reward

Positive employee recognition has been proven to have many benefits for your business. Employees who continuously do a good job and deliver great results can feel undervalued if their work isn’t recognised. Reward isn’t as much of a concern, but a thank you – such as through a department or an all-staff email, can go a long way. Organising staff events is another way you can reward your employees for hard work and is a great way to wrap up projects or celebrate successes. There are things you can do to show your gratitude without the need to spend a lot of money, such as employee achievement awards – a gesture that will be greatly appreciated by your staff. Remember that celebrating the efforts of individuals is just as important as celebrating business-wide achievements.

By showing your employees that they are valued and appreciated, you can develop a happier and more productive workplace. There’s more to being a great boss than being likeable or successful, and you’ll earn the respect of your staff much easier if you can demonstrate that you care about them too. Make sure that valuing your employees is at the forefront of what you do to create a better working environment.

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