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If you want to be a good boss, it’s essential you realize how important colleague happiness is to productivity. As stated in this article on, happy colleagues make more money, and produce better work. Not to mention that you’re sure to keep staff longer if you treat them right.

Of course, methods for keeping colleagues happy vary. But, one thing most efforts have in common is a focus on recognition. And, that’s no coincidence. If you want a happy workforce, you need to show them that you appreciate them.

There are different ways to do this. Some workplaces offer cash incentives. Others operate on star systems and small rewards. The issue with methods like these is that they can create inequality. Hence, your efforts to bring your team together could backfire.

Instead, it’s worth looking at harmless recognition which includes everyone. And, what better for the purpose than monthly workplace awards ceremonies? You have a weekly briefing anyway, right? So, why not include an award ceremony every few weeks? Trophies, like those found at, won’t leave you out of pocket. And, your workers are sure to appreciate them. You could even throw in a few chocolate bars to sweeten the deal.

To help you keep things fun and lighthearted, we’ve put together a list of prizes you may want to give. To keep things interesting, you could change these around each time. That way, everyone will look forward to hearing what you’ve come up with. But, some fantastic ideas are:

Best overall employee

This is the creme de la creme, and it may be worth including it within every ceremony. An employee of the month is not a new concept, but this would certainly be a new way to incorporate it. When giving this prize, make sure to outline all the tasks you’ve noticed this individual do. This outlining is what will seal the appreciation deal. After all, you could pick anyone you fancied for the privilege. But, getting your speech right will show that you put adequate thought into the decision. If you’re struggling to pick someone, you could always get pointers online. Sites like offer a step by step guide which is sure to make the task easier.

Most standout piece of work

It’s also worth pinpointing a particular piece of work which stood out to you. If possible, displaying it to the rest of the team is also a fantastic idea. That way, everyone can share in your appreciation. And, it may even give them ideas for work moving forward. It works for everyone!

Best outfit

It’s also worth throwing in a few more light hearted awards. This way, more recognition is given, and the process stays fun. So, why not provide an award for the best outfit of the month? Joking aside, many individuals work hard at perfecting their professional image. So, this recognition will probably be much appreciated. You could even provide a voting system for this, which would encourage whole-team support.

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