Shy Businesses Won’t Prevail: Why It’s Important to Get Your Name out There

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If you’ve recently started up a business or you’ve taken the reins of a small company, then there’s one important thing that you need to keep in mind: a shy business isn’t going to be successful. A business that doesn’t actively promote its products or try to show off their wares isn’t going to be successful in the long run. No one knows about your business, no one cares about your products and your passive nature isn’t going to win the hearts of your customers. If you want to grow your business, no matter what industry you’re in, then you need to take the initiative and get yourself out there.

It can sometimes be difficult trying to expose yourself without looking like a foolish or silly business, so here are a couple of ways on how you can properly expose your business and brand to the public without making a complete fool of yourself and becoming a laughing stock in the industry.

Hire a social media manager that knows what they are doing

It’s easy to say “hire someone that knows what they are doing”, but what does that actually imply? A social media manager is a role that takes more experience than study because social media trends are always changing. The language and slang terms people use are constantly evolving, and trends can come and go in a matter of minutes depending on how active social media channels are. Here are a couple of signs that tell you that your community manager knows what they are doing:


  • They actively use the internet – if someone doesn’t know how to use the internet properly, then they don’t know how to monitor and analyse social media trends for your business to utilise
  • They’re great with technology – a social media manager understands how to use a smartphone, tablet, laptop and generally anything with a connection to the internet. If they aren’t great with the latest technologies, then you can be certain they aren’t very good at keeping up with the latest trends or staying connected to your audience
  • They have fantastic social skills – you can’t manage social media if you aren’t social. Make sure your social media manager can present themselves professionally and casually to your audience


These are just a few qualities you should look out for, but it goes without saying that a good social media manager can be the difference between a successful a failed promotional campaign.

Make use of public appearances, not just the internet

While the internet can be an incredibly useful tool for businesses of all sizes to expose themselves, you can’t neglect the importance of public exposure through events and appearances at trade shows. If you have a product worth showing, then you can utilise your social media manager to generate excitement and someone who specialises in event management to create a memorable public appearance that your guests will remember. Whether it’s attending an exhibition, a trade show or even a convention, make sure you appear in public if you want to get your name out there.

Public appearances are a form of aggressive marketing because you’re getting out there and showing your product to customers, not simply waiting for your 15-minutes of fame or hoping that a prominent content creator or celebrity mentions you. If you want to succeed, then you won’t find success in being a shy and passive business.

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