Time To Shine: How To Not Be Invisible In Online Marketing

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Before your brand really finds its feet and you start dealing with the day-to-day of managing a booming presence and community, online marketing can feel like groping your way through the dark. You might not entirely be sure that anyone’s aware of your presence. But it’s time to turn on the lights and make yourself known, loud, and clear. Here, we’re going to look at the pillars of gaining visibility in the online world.

Pride of place

Nowadays, how easily your target audience comes into contact with you almost the plethora of pages on the net is one of the greatest contributing factors to visibility. To a lot of your target market, that first exposure might be through search engines. Search engine optimization and pay-per-click ad placement on those engines (and in other sites) is going to maximise your potential of having your brand appear before the right people. Focusing on link building and the most relevant of keywords, as well as using your business’s geographic location, can make it much more likely to do so.

Speak up

Beyond being found by those looking for you, you also have to take the social nature of the internet into account. Beyond connecting you to potentially thousands of future customers, friendly business owners, and influencers, social media allows you to start gathering your supporters around you. The more happy customers and brand fans follow and share what you present, the bigger a buzz it creates for you.

A site worth staying on

Poorly designed sites aren’t going to hold the attention of the visitor for very long, even if you have great links building to it. Without the kind of professional standard of design that services like the Kaweb digital agency are known for, you may as well be invisible. Don’t just pay attention to the traffic your site gets. Take into account the bounce rate, as well.

It’s who you know

Social media channels are a good way to network with business owners and influencers, as previously mentioned. But why should you want to do that? For the simple reason that the more people you have backing up the brand message, the broader a reach it will get and the more likely your audience is to believe it. Finding cross-promotion, influencer marketing, and guest posting opportunities for the business can help it build its legitimacy and crossover potential into market segments you have yet to tap.

Read all about it

PR opportunities, like the kinds described by Marketing Donut, can be even more valuable than the word-of-mouth you spur from friends of the business. If news of the business comes from a well-reputed, journalistic source, it immediately lends the business a more professional looking platform. Creating fantastic press releases for events, campaigns, and news can get you a lot more visibility thanks to one article in the right place than you might ever get through your own site or social media. Viral potential has become as valuable as gold in digital marketing.

Don’t just assume that you’re more visible, either, of course. Find the analytics for the different marketing methods at your disposal and track them. Figure out what works and what doesn’t and stop yourself from sliding back into obscurity.

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