Ditch Verses Keep: Small Business Tech Edition

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If you are a small business owner, you’ve probably wondered what tech is absolutely essential to the success of your venture, and what isn’t. I outline the tech that small businesses should invest in. As well as the stuff they can leave on the shelf for now. Read on to find out more.


Apps have increasingly become essential tech for even small businesses to succeed. This is because they not only allow customers to browse and purchase while they are on the go, but they also contain an implicit commitment to your brand.

Think of this way, if a customer has gone to the trouble of downloading your company’s app, then it’s much more likely that they will make a purchase from you. As they already have an association. Remember people are creatures of habit, and using apps can help you use this to your advantage.

Of course, some business owners are put off by the price of developing an app from the idea to the end stage. But when you look into it, the true cost of making an app may just surprise you, and be less than you think. Allowing you easily work the cost into your marketing budget and boost those sales by using tech.


Security both physical and digital is also another essential for small businesses. Physical security may take the form of CCTV cameras and alarm systems at your premises or stock room. Having a good level of security not only protects your interests, but it can lower your insurance costs as well, saving you money.

Digital security, of course, it is must in today’s climate where hacking and virus are reported nearly every day in the media. It’s vital to the success of your business that you have safeguards in place to protect your customer’s data, in case your system is breached. As this is something that can seriously affect the public image of your businesses if it goes wrong.


The watchword on a lot of tech businesses sites is at the moment is AI or Artificial Intelligence. This is being used for all sort of purposes such as monitoring staff performance. But is this something that is essential?

At the moment no, not unless you are running a physical store that is hugely dependent on customer-sales staff interaction. Otherwise, it’s likely to be seen just as another way of micromanaging, and it could create bad feeling among your employees.

Stock checking

Lastly, consider stock checking technology like digital barcode readers and the associated software that gives you an overview of what is happening. There is no doubt that these can be a very useful bit of tech, but that doesn’t mean they are essential.

In this case, you will need to weigh up the cost of such systems with the benefits they produce. If you are working with a smaller stock or distribution market, then it may be more useful to continue on as you have been doing for now.

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