Keep Stock Safe At Your Small Business

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Stock can be one of the costly things for small business owners. After all, you can spend a small fortune getting enough stock as you need the items to run your business efficiently.

Therefore, it can be a nightmare if any stock goes missing. After all, you will have to replenish the stock which means you will have to spend more and reduce any profits you have made. And as a small business, you are looking for ways to cut costs, not increase them! Therefore, here are some ways you can keep stock safe at your small business.

Always do a stock check once a month

A lot of business owners put stock checks at the bottom of their priorities. After all, they are busy trying to get their company off the starting line. So doing stock checks can just be a time-consuming job they don’t have time for. But if you want to ensure you don’t lose out on stock, it’s an essential job you should do. After all, checking the stock monthly will bring up any missing stock quickly. And then you can start to figure out where the items are going. After all, you might be having a regular thief in store that you need to keep an eye on. Or it might be the case that an employee has sticky fingers! Therefore, do a stock check with your staff at least once a month to ensure you keep your stock safe.

Make sure you scan everything when it arrives

Another way you can ensure that you keep your stock safe is by ensuring everything is scanned into the computer when it arrives. It’s so easy to just leave items laying around. But this could mean items go missing before you have had a chance to scan them. And then you might have to pay more out for the items. Also, you might not realize they haven’t been delivered until too late! Therefore, get some good scanners like a Datalogic barcode scanner to ensure stock doesn’t go wandering. You can then spend time scanning each item as they arrive. And scanning items can make it much easier if customers ask you if you have any more in store. After all, you can quickly check the stock list to let them know whether you do to stop you missing out on a sale!

Do some good security checks at your company

You should also ensure your security is top notch if you want to avoid things going missing at your company. For one thing, you should get some code locks for the doors to the stockroom. That way, only certain members of staff can get through to the store room. And you can reduce stock going missing if you do take this security measure. Also, you might want to look into getting CCTV installed at the building. That way, you know exactly what is coming in and out of your business quarters. And don’t forget to do some bag searches. It can be hard as you don’t want it to look like you don’t trust staff. But it’s an essential way to keep the stock safe at your company.

Don’t forget to only buy as much as you need in one go. After all, you don’t want piles of stock sitting around your storeroom!

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