A Must Know Guide to Fire Regulations For Businesses

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Every job has its dangers, however one that is common across all industries is the risk of fire. Fire Safety regulations are an important aspect in business, and if breached can result in massive fines and even prosecution.

Despite this, there are a lot of businesses that dismiss these regulations or are completely oblivious to the expectations to withhold high standards in this area. Every business must have a responsible person who is aware of fire evacuation procedures and be willing to implement them in case of an emergency. Some of the responsibilities to be carried out by this person are often considered to be a grey area, therefore this blog aims to highlight some of the most important regulations to be considered to ensure you are fully equipped for an emergency.

All businesses must have completed a fire risk assessment and ensure all employees are aware of what to do in case of a fire emergency. It must be reviewed regularly by the elected responsible person and must note any emergency procedures in the case of a fire. It is important to consider how any action plan will be implemented, any people who may be at risk and include a step to step guide to how your building will be evacuated in the case of an emergency. To ensure all employees are completely aware of evacuation procedures, spontaneous fire drills should be held regularly and the responsible fire person should ensure all employees are aware of a safe meeting place.

Another aspect needed to be considered by businesses is the presence of emergency lighting. This will assist employees awareness on where to go in the event of an emergency and ensure that your venue can be evacuated quickly and efficiently, even for clients who may not be aware of your emergency procedures. Providing a safe working environment should be of utmost importance, and despite the recommendation of only two emergency lighting signs being required in a business, more can provide peace of mind to yourself, employees and any customers present on your premises. These lights should be checked regularly to ensure they are in working order. These lights run on a different circuit to your normal electric lights to ensure they are still working in emergency situations.

In the case of a minor fire, your business could benefit from a fire extinguisher and fire blanket, particularly if there is a kitchen present somewhere on your premises. Having access to extinguishing materials can provide a quick solution to minor fires and allow for them to be extinguished quickly before creating any further risk to other parts of your business. Ensure all employees are aware of where these items are stored, and make sure they are kept in a place that allows for easy access.

Hopefully your business never experiences an emergency that will require an emergency evacuation plan, fire extinguishers or emergency lighting, however it is important to ensure you are fully equipped and ready to take charge in the rare incidence of one. Remember, being prepared only makes you more capable of dealing with such an emergency.

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