Why I LOVE Apple Music

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Apple Music is the streaming service from Apple. And I love it. Here’s why I think you will love it too.

I recently posted how much I LOVE Amazon Kindle Unlimited, because I love books, and the service makes a huge library of books of all genres available to me in one inexpensive subscription.

Similarly, I love Apple Music, because that service makes a massive volume of audio available to me in one inexpensive subscription! And in the same way that Kindle Unlimited has meant that I have discovered new authors that I didn’t know existed previously, Apple Music has opened my eyes (actually my ears) to a range of new artists and genres in music.

For example, fellow Brit Tom Odell is just another artist that I hadn’t paid much attention to. Certainly not paid any money to listen to. In the iTunes pay-per-track model, Tom Odell wouldn’t have made his millions by a contribution from myself. I just wasn’t interested.

But with Apple Music, and its ‘radio’ services that shuffle and stream whole genres, I have made discoveries previously blind to me. The ‘For You’ feature uses what it knows about my musical tastes and recommends new bands and artists that it thinks I will enjoy (based on Apple’s computer wizardry, no doubt), including Tom Odell. It even creates a ‘My New Music Mix’ for me, updated regularly.

One other feature that I discovered only last week is ‘Curated Playlists’ – these are the mix-tapes of Apple Music editors and brands of all varieties – not just music brands – such as Vogue magazine, GQ magazine and even Burberry (the high-end English apparel brand)!

Perhaps I am just lazy, or unadventurous, but before Apple Music came along I hadn’t expanded my musical horizons for years. I listened to what I knew, and knew what I listened to. Is your playlist a bit stale? Apple Music solved that problem for me.

It’s not wonder that I have been taken back with classic 80s tracks, discovered hidden gems from Kraftwerk, and rediscovered Pearl Jam – and because I can listen to any track in the Apple Music library within my monthly subscription, I am sure I will continue to discover, and rediscover many more. For $9.99 per month, I can fill my boots with as many new discoveries as I can listen to.

Try before you buy

Don’t pay for an Apple Music subscription right away. Instead, take the 30-day free trial. And find out why I LOVE Apple Music for yourself.

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