Why I LOVE Kindle Unlimited

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Read lots of books? Me too. If you haven’t got Kindle Unlimited yet then you are probably spending more on books than you need to.

I love to read – I get through at least 10 books in a month, and when I am on vacation I can read 10 just in one week. This is why I am a Kindle Unlimited subscriber. Because I can read as many books as I want to for the same monthly price. In my opinion, it’s a bargain.

Are ALL books on Kindle available?

No – not all books are available on Kindle Unlimited. You won’t find the big name, big author books. But you will find a huge selection of really great books written by really talented authors.

It’s not just a place to find fiction books – there are thousands of non-fiction books too in every category. It wasn’t like that when the service first launched in 2014 – but since then the number of books has grown to over 1.5 million. Like Arts & Photography? It’s there. Computers & Technology? There too. Self-Help? History? They’re here.

Discovering new authors

The best thing to come out of my Kindle Unlimited subscription so far (except for the hundreds of dollars saved in buying books) is discovering new authors. Because reading any book is included in the price, no matter how many I read, then it’s no risk to check out the books from authors and genres that are new to me. Now I read more fantasy, more crime thrillers and more historical fiction, as well as fiction books on many subjects.

I discovered Hugh Howey, author of the Wool series of books (one of my very favorite authors now). I also discovered Scott Mariani, another of my big favorites – so much so that I now purchase his new books at launch, just so I can read them sooner.

But not all books on Kindle Unlimited are good. Some books are awful, in fact. But it’s easy to suss these out (the writing is badly constructed, their plot has little substance and there is no character development). So I just stop reading them, and move on to something else. It costs you nothing to do this.

So, fellow book-worms, Amazon Kindle Unlimited is the best option for you.

Don’t pay to subscribe just yet!

Amazon are offering a 30-day trial for Kindle Unlimited. Make sure you take this and try before you buy.

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