Success Tips: 5 Essentials to Make Your Dreams a Reality

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Want something so bad it hurts? These are your dreams. I’ve discovered 5 ways to make your dreams a reality.

You know when you watch a video that totally changes your perspective on something? Today – this happened for me. I watched a video on Ted Talks: Bel Pesce: 5 ways to kill your dreams and it was mind-blowing. It’s humorous, but gets right to the nub of it.

Bel Pesce presents just the opposite of making your dreams a reality – how to kill them – but of course when Bel does this she is really telling us how to make our dreams happen. I’ve embedded the clip towards the bottom of the post.

Taking the opposite of Bel’s things-not-to-do, the fundamentals to realizing our dreams are:

  1. There is no such thing as an overnight . So called ‘overnight successes’ we read in the press are just sensation. There is no such thing. The stars who are reported to be an overnight success have really put years and years of research and labor into realizing their dreams. I wrote about this in my post why our career is like building a space-rocket and not getting into a space-elevator.
  2. Only YOU have the answers. You can ask for opinions, you can ask for advice, and you can get others to do research, but in the end it is YOU that must make the decision on which way to go to realize your dreams.
  3. Don’t settle for OK. Work hard to reach your peak, but then set yourself another peak. Don’t settle for achieving something that you can improve on and do more.
  4. If your dreams ain’t happening, it’s YOUR fault. Your market, your environment and your sales growth might be challenging, but failure to reach your dreams is not the fault of anything other than yourself. Blame yourself – it’s your responsibility. And then pick yourself up, learn why it’s not happening for you, and make it happen.
  5. Enjoy the journey. Achieving your dream lasts a moment – your journey there is far, far longer. Celebrate each step, enjoy each step and learn from each step.

Here’s the clip… enjoy!


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