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Fellow blogger Thejendra is literally giving away his new eBook ‘Get To The Point – a short and snappy guide’ – it will tell you how to cut through the bullshit and make communication simple and clear.

Thejendra is a manager and author, and he has written several posts on my blog, including favorites The Hidden Advantage of Disagreements, Unusual Cures For Boring Meetings, and Workaholics Are Not Role Models.

He’s now giving away (if you have the discount coupon code) this great new book.

How many times have you listened to a colleague rabbit on using words you don’t quite get but are too embarrassed to ask (what might seem) a dumb question? I know I have at times. Wordy and complex communication can result in confusion and delay!

This book is a wonderfully brief insight into the negative impact of ‘corporate speak’ (see my post The Dictionary of Corporate Bullshit) – what seems like a completely alien language to most people around you (which could also include your colleagues, leaders or subordinates, at times). Get to the point! Thejendra shows you how.

Want this book for Free?

Here’s your link and voucher code:

Get to the Point! A Short and Snappy Guide

Use discount coupon code – VX99W

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