October 2011


Age. Why Worry About It?

Older workers, we’re told, cost more to employ than younger workers. It’s ‘easy’ for employers to pick on older workers because they have cushy retirement plans, right…? And older workers cost more money to employ because of ‘ill-health’, right…? And older workers stop younger workers getting jobs, right…? Older people are more distracted or less …

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How to Organize a Team

Google ‘Team Management’ and ‘Organize a Team’ and we’ll find countless people telling us countless times how to do it. In my experience, it comes down to just a few simple things…


Online Performance Review Tools

Employee Performance Reviews are an essential strategy for staff development. In the ‘old days’ they were done using paper, or (if you were lucky) spreadsheets, but now there are online tools to speed the whole process up and make it work for employer and employee. Here are some of them.

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