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Employee Performance Reviews are an essential strategy for staff development. In the ‘old days’ they were done using paper, or (if you were lucky) spreadsheets, but now there are online tools to speed the whole process up and make it work for employer and employee. Here are some of them.

The problem with Performance Reviews, is that they take time. They are an investment. But the cost in time and money has deterred some businesses for fully embracing them as a component of their staff development. In this age though, there is no excuse, as there are some great tools out there to optimize the process and reduce the investment burden.

If you feel that your performance management and staff development processes are cumbersome or ineffective, then some of these really could be for you:

  1. Halogen eAppraisal: used by over 1,500 organizations to drive their appraisal processes. Web-based, and it’s known for it’s ease-of-use and flexibility
  2. Appraisal Smart: another web-based tool that has ann additional goal-management module to create and manage cascading goals from the very top of an organization downwards
  3. SuccessFactors: boasts the ability to identify our best workers and support a ‘meritocracy’ for pay-for-performance cultures
  4. Sonar6: a solution that has enjoyed industry awards, with clients across the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and worldwide
  5. HRN Performance Pro: with 700 clients with 120,000 end-users. Domino’s Pizza use them, so if your next slice is a culinary delight, then this solution can claim some of the credit!

There are many solutions available – most claim to offer similar features and realize great benefits. Most offer free trials, so I recommend split-testing a handful using some willing guineau-pigs!

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