Where Have the IT Jobs Gone?

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In a recent post on CIO.COM , it’s revealed which cities have IT jobs available for you to fill right now. I am not surprised to see that NYC and Washington D.C. are among these cities. Is Your city in the list?

What’s more, this report tells you an estimate of the number of jobs available and the average salaries for IT consultants and developers in these cities.

Where Have All The IT Jobs Gone? It’s backed up by data from PayScale . If you haven’t used it yet, PayScale give you free access to their average salary calculator for your role and location. This is a great tool for assessing whether you’re current pay rate is fair, or if you’re considering moving to another city.

You can use PayScale’s right now (US and Canada only) by checking out my article here .

Does this give you a sigh of relief, or compound your worries? Please leave a comment and tell us how you feel about the results of this report.

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