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Off the back of my recent article about How To Ask For a Fair Raise or Pay Increase During a Recession , got in touch with me to tell me about their tools for benchmarking salaries across job roles and regions. So I took a look in more detail and I must say I am impressed with the tools they provide.

Why I like them is they’re really simple to use – anyone can use them – and, for example, the job title matching mechanism works really well. The Salary Calculator tool provides you with a median range of salaries you would expect for a given job title in your city, plus you can add in the number of years experience you have, and other relevant factors, to influence the results.

There is also a cost of living calculator too, so you can work out how much you need from a salary. These are great tools for calculating how much to ask for a ‘fair’ raise during this economic climate.

I’ve included a salary calculator tool below, one for the US and one for Canada. Unfortunately, doesn’t offer solutions for other countries.

US Users:

Canadian Users:

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