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Thank You for your interest in publishing a post on  In becoming a writer with me you will be targeting a growing number of professionals from C-level level to juniors and graduates. My readers are intelligent, progressive and determined individuals.

By writing for, you will gain broad exposure to my online readership, my email list of over 6,500 members and my Facebook/Twitter fans. You will also enjoy permanent links to your own website.

My readers have expressed their interests in the following areas:

  • Leadership
  • Career Development
  • Personal Development
  • Organizational Development
  • Business Development
  • Recruitment and Jobseeking
  • Salary and Benefits
  • Networking and Business Opportunities
  • Mentorship and Coaching

I am particularly interested in seeking writers from:

  • The Far East
  • Australia/New Zealand
  • The Middle East

Guest Blogger: Write content of interest to my readership  and you can link to your own blog or website, so that you can drive traffic there! Your links won’t be restricted by the NOFOLLOW tag. You will also be credited with a bio.

If you are interested…

Then please take a look at the following guidelines:

Writing Guidelines:

  • Short Paragraphs – Keep paragraphs to 3 sentences or less
  • Word Count – Between 600 to 2000 words. Shorter posts will not be considered
  • Clear, Concise & to the Point (and have a point!)
  • Self Promotion – Self promotion is strictly limited to your author bio only
  • Formatting – Use bullet points, numbered lists, and section headings.  Format headings with <h2> or header 2
  • Content – Your post should tell a story about a particular challenge, opportunity or problem faced by yourself. Include references to publically available websites (where possible) that provide credence and proof of any claims you make
  • Media – if you own the copyright to relevant videos/images, then you may include them
  • Be You – I want writing that is authentic, honest, and accessible.  The best way to do this is to be yourself and write in a conversational style ‘as you think it’
  • Uniqueness – I check all submissions for uniqueness using a toolset, so please ensure that your submission is 100% original or it may be rejected
  • Language – all posts should be in US English, spell-checked please!
  • Submission Requirement – Please submit in Microsoft Word format. Add your BIO at the end of the same document under the title ‘BIO’. Embed images/videos into the document


Submit your post to simon [at], using the subject “Guest Blogger Submission”

Please note may take me up to two weeks to respond with a review.

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