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Sh.. IT Happens #5

Another installment of Sh..IT Happens, and another trip through the blogosphers for some of my favorite picks of the week. Brand You: how do you come across at work? Elizabeth Harrin writes a great post on her blog A Girls Guide to Project Management about personal branding in the workplace. She interviews Salma Shah who […]

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Sh.. IT Happens #4

A week can seem a long time when you don’t have the comfort of a Microsoft Natural Keyboard, a coffee machine within spitting distance and an internet connection you can really rely on. So I had mixed feelings coming back from Egypt, until I was forced into a 500m detour when my flight couldn’t land

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Sh… IT Happens #2

Although you might not believe it, ‘other stuff’ has happened in the world besides the inauguration of Barack Obama… I’ve collected a few gems from across the web from last week – Leave Your Comments below! Communicating IT’s value using Project Portfolio Management Eric Brown on his blog EricBrown.com controversially states that "Business leadership has

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