Protecting Your Digital Information: The Power of Online Faxing

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Online faxing is a fantastic alternative to traditional faxes, but does it protect your information? When you’re sending anything online, security will always be a concern. With the right provider, however, online faxing can be a much better way to send documents that need to be secure and protected from unauthorized access. 

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No One Can See the Papers

Anyone who has access to the room the fax machine is in can see what prints out. While most businesses keep fax machines in secure areas, this isn’t always the case, and information may be viewable by anyone, not just the recipient. With secure online faxing, though, the recipient is the only person who can view the data that is faxed. No one just passing through the office will be able to see it, so your information is protected and secure from prying eyes. 

All Information is Encrypted

The downside to emails and other methods for sending and receiving digital documents is the potential for them to be hacked. If they are hacked, the information is there and viewable by the hacker. With secure faxing, though, all of the data is encrypted. Even if someone hacks into the system, the information will not be viewable to them because they do not have the encryption key. They might be able to see that a document was sent, but they won’t be able to see what’s in it. 

Faxes Follow HIPAA and Other Regulations

Healthcare, legal, and other industries must comply with privacy laws to help protect your personal data from being released to the public or being seen by someone who shouldn’t have access to them. Online faxing adheres to these laws and regulations, so your privacy is kept, no matter what documents you need to send. You’ll be able to safely send them without worrying about who can view the information.

Faxes Can be Accessed Anywhere and at Any Time

While not dealing with security specifically, the faxes can be sent and received at any time and from anywhere. This means that you are able to securely fax documents whenever necessary, so you don’t have to stop by somewhere that might not have robust security measures in place to send a traditional fax. It’s possible to send or receive them from mobile devices and they will still be secure. 

online fax

Easy to Set Up and Get Started

It’s easy for anyone to set up their account and start sending or receiving secure faxes. You may need to send a fax for a number of reasons, such as sending information to your doctor, receiving important legal paperwork, or sending signed documents to a professional. Using today’s technology, you can scan the documents on your mobile device and send them to the recipient in just a few easy steps.Your personal data does need to be kept secure, but there are times when you may need to send documents to someone or receive documents. When you do, it’s crucial to make sure it’s done in a way that protects your data from being seen by anyone else, and that’s where online faxing can help. It’s designed to be an easier way to fax, and it’s more secure than other methods of sending documents today. Check out an online faxing provider now to learn more.

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