Mastering the Follow-Up – Real Estate Phone Call Best Practices

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Follow-up is key to maintaining and strengthening connections with leads. By sending them value-added information regularly, you keep your brand in mind for future sales.

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Be prepared to address objections, and remember to stay professional and courteous. If they decline, send a breakup email to remove them from your follow-up list.

Be Prepared

During real estate calls, be prepared to answer your prospects’ questions. Whether addressing their pain points or providing details about your marketing efforts, having answers ready will make selling their property much smoother.

This is especially important when cold-calling potential clients or following up with leads. CRM software makes personalizing and automating follow-up communications with prospects easy, ensuring every lead is noticed.

Be Honest

While it may seem counterintuitive, honest with real estate leads is the best way to build trust. It also makes it easier for them to work with you and will ultimately help you close the sale.

If your lead doesn’t answer, leave them a voicemail that lets them know who you are and why you’re calling. Follow up that message with an email. This will double your touch points and help keep you at the top of your mind.


Everyone has real estate on their mind, whether they’re renting, looking to buy, selling and moving, or investing and flipping. Creative follow-up shows you’re invested in their unique needs and builds trust over time.

While preparing a script for your real estate calls is important, be prepared to go off-script if the conversation requires it. Minimizing paper rustling, background noises, and other distractions is also important. The more focused you are, the more effective your call will be.

Be Concise

Follow-up can be a key factor in converting leads into clients. Be creative with how you engage your leads — from personalized videos to market reports — and space out your communications to avoid nagging and annoying them.

Your cold calling script should include an elevator pitch that concisely summarizes why you are the best choice for their real estate needs. This can be as simple as highlighting your years of experience or local expertise.

Be Flexible

Effective follow-ups can help you make a great first impression with leads over the phone. But they also help you build trust and loyalty over time.

Remember that prospects are busy and need more time for rambling emails or long telephone calls. You need to know your new clients’ big goals, aspirations, problems, and challenges to craft a follow-up that makes sense for them.

Be Professional

Keeping your calls professional and respecting the prospect’s time is essential. Real estate agents must comply with call-related laws and avoid calling prospects at inappropriate times (early mornings or evenings).

During the call, you should address any objections to your services, such as a client’s satisfaction with their current agent, by highlighting what sets you apart from other real estate professionals. It would help if you also left the door open for future contact.

Be Patient

Effective real estate cold calling is a process that takes time. Make it a point to take detailed notes after each call and personalize your follow-up communications using your CRM software.

Remember, it is better to focus on booking an appointment than hammering out all the details over the phone. This can sometimes be aggressive and leave a bad impression on your prospect. Address objections with polite persistence, but avoid arguing over pricing or commission. Instead, ask if they prefer to discuss these topics in person.

Be Creative

Follow-up is key to converting leads into clients. Nurturing your prospects by providing content, such as market reports or home-buying tips, keeps you at the top of your mind when they are ready to buy or sell their home.

A creative real estate phone call can help you stand out. Own up to the fact that it is a sales call, but emphasize what sets you apart from other agents. For example, if you call a seller lead, you can mention that you have multiple buyers willing to pay a premium price for their property.

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