Should You Relocate For a New Job?

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Sometimes in life, the perfect job opportunity comes along. It’s the role you’ve always wanted, offering plenty of responsibility, a great salary, and some exciting perks. But what if it’s on the other side of the country?

Traveling hundreds of miles to and from work each day isn’t really a practical option, so there are times when families decide to uproot their lives and relocate to a new part of the world. This would allow you to settle into your new job and start a new life with your family. But this is not a decision to be taken lightly.

If you have been offered a job in a distant part of the country, you are no doubt weighing up the options. On the one hand, it’s a great career opportunity, but on the other hand it’s going to be a huge disruption to you and your family. It can seem like there is no right answer.

To help you make up your mind, here are the main pros and cons of relocating for a new job,

The Pros:

Career Opportunity: Such a great opportunity may never come up again. Sure, you need to pack up your life and shift everything you own to another part of the country but that’s only a short term disruption. Once you’ve settled into your new role you will quickly realize you made the right decision, as you enjoy your higher salary and greater career satisfaction.

No Regrets: It’s often said that it’s better to regret the things you did, rather than regret the things you haven’t done. If you turn down this job opportunity, something else more local might come along. But then again, you might spend the rest of your life wondering what if. You don’t want to live a life full of regrets, so take the risk and see where the decision takes you.

A New Life: Adult life can sometimes start to feel stale after a while. You stay in the same job for years on end, live in the same place, and go home to your family each and every night. Not that there’s anything wrong with this comfortable routine, but a change of scenery can add some excitement to your life. Moving for a job will give you the opportunity for a new adventure. A fresh start where you can change the course of your future.

The Cons:

The Disruption: Moving home is one of the most stressful things you can do. You and your family are well settled in your current existence. Packing up your lives and leaving your loved ones behind will be a huge shock to the system. Yes, there are companies like Evo Supplies who can make the move more manageable, but it will still take you a long time to get settled in your new home.
The Uncertainty: By staying put, you know exactly what is in store. But if you did decide to accept your job offer, there’s a whole lot of uncertainty up ahead. You don’t know where the move will take you, if you’ll enjoy your new career or surroundings. Not to mention how your family will cope. Sometimes it’s just safer to stick with the devil you know.

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