3 Common Blunders to Avoid When Buying a Truck Scale

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Buying a truck scale can be exciting but overwhelming. This is because you can maximize your profitability through precise measurements. However, any mistakes you make when purchasing your truck scale could lead to massive losses due to inaccuracy and lack of efficiency. Learning about most people’s mistakes can help you avoid them and make better and more informed decisions. This post will explore the common missteps to avoid when buying a truck scale.

  1. Wrong Scale

Most people assume that all truck scales are the same. Different scales have different installation procedures and accuracy. You need to look for a scale that matches your project and is easy to use and read. One of the best options that most people select for fast-moving trucks is the portable axle scales since they are durable and efficient in terms of accuracy. Before you purchase any scales:

  • Consider the location and other factors such as scale length, electronic or hydraulic, analog or digital, and the deck type.
  • Always ensure that the scale you want to purchase is paired with the number of trucks you plan to weigh daily and their average weight.
  • Don’t buy a light or medium-duty scale if you plan to pound 150 logging trucks that weigh more than 100k lbs daily across your scale. Instead, you need to look for a heavier scale that can withstand such weights for the longest time.
  1. Wrong Location

One of the crucial things that can damage your investment is the location where you put your scale. Don’t put your truck scale in a low-lying area since most of the water from the property will collect or stagnate around your scale. Water can easily damage your scales and alter their accuracy. Even for the hermetically sealed load cells, there are many weak points that the water can pass through and damage it. 

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In addition, a low-lying area will collect all forms of build, including sand, dirt, rock, and other materials that can blow under your scale reading to damage. This build-up can also alter the accuracy of your scales and lead to losses and a bad reputation with your clients. You must regularly inspect your scale and place it in a favorable location.

  1. Using the Wrong Installation Company

Buying your scale is crucial, and you should ensure you do it right. Most people make the mistake of going with the first name that pops in the search engines without properly vetting them to ensure they are reputable. Just because a scale is cheap doesn’t guarantee that it’s of high quality. In addition, even though you have bought a high-quality truck scale but installed it incorrectly, that would be a waste of investment. 

When you purchase, make sure the installer is experienced and follows the correct procedure and tools when installing it. In addition, ensure they are licensed and have the necessary insurance coverage. It will act as a guarantee that you can get compensated if anything goes wrong while they are installing. Note that you can mitigate all other mistakes, but if your screen is not installed correctly, the rest of the work you plan will be useless.

Be Cautious When Buying Truck Scale!

The above are common mistakes that most people make when buying a truck scale. You must purchase your scale from reputable vendors or manufacturers and ensure it’s installed correctly and at the correct location. This will help eliminate all issues related to inaccuracy and inefficiency.

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