Why do Office Plants Help with Employee Wellbeing?

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As an employee, I know how important it is to feel comfortable and content in my work environment. The physical atmosphere of an office can play a big part in productivity and morale, but one thing that often goes overlooked is the addition of office plants. There’s no denying their aesthetic appeal; they bring a burst of colour into the workplace, adding some much-needed life to a drab office. But there are much more benefits than just the visual. Studies have shown that having plants around can help boost wellbeing and create a healthier working environment for everyone.

So, why do office plants help with employee wellbeing?

To start with, let’s take a look at the science behind it all. Plants produce oxygen as part of their natural photosynthesis process which helps to reduce levels of CO2 within an enclosed space – this is especially beneficial in offices where people may be sat at their desks for long periods without fresh air coming in from outside. Not only does this help to keep employees alert and productive, but it also has positive effects on mental health too – something that can’t be overlooked in today’s stressful working environments.

On top of this, having some greenery around can make us feel calmer and happier too; studies have even found that hospital patients who were able to look out onto gardens or had potted plants nearby reported lower levels of stress during their stay compared to those who didn’t have any access to nature at all. It makes sense then, that bringing some nature into our work spaces would have similar effects on our own mental health while we labour away!

It isn’t just about the science though – there are other advantages too when it comes to introducing some foliage into your workspace! For starters, it adds an element of beauty which can improve general morale among staff members; being surrounded by lovely things can put people in better spirits as opposed to looking at plain walls or generic furniture all day long – it doesn’t hurt either that you get compliments from visitors on your green thumb!

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Plants also provide us with something else: responsibility (in a good way!). Looking after something teaches us patience and gives us something positive to focus on during breaks instead of scrolling through social media or checking emails – both activities which can add extra stress if done too often throughout the day! Furthermore, taking care of plants helps build relationships between coworkers as well – tasks such as watering them or tending for their needs become communal activities rather than individual ones which helps foster team spirit and promote collaboration between colleagues.

Finally, another great benefit: reducing noise levels within the office itself! Plants act like sound absorbers by dampening loud noises so they don’t bounce off walls or furniture surfaces – this means less distraction for employees who are trying to concentrate on work tasks whilst others chat away nearby! Additionally, many varieties emit pleasant aromas which not only adds character but also helps maintain a relaxed atmosphere so everyone feels more comfortable while they’re working hard!


In conclusion then, adding some potted plants into your office space is definitely worth considering if you want healthier and happier employees – not just because they look nice aesthetically but because they really do have tangible benefits from reducing noise levels right through to improving mental health amongst staff members too! From personal experience I’d say go ahead and give it a try – you won’t regret it!

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