Actions for Veterans in the Military Interested in the Financial Industry

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Companies in the financial sector have taken the lead in developing career opportunities for veterans of the armed forces. But how could veterans who are switching to civilian careers make better use of those opportunities?

It helps to have a plan to bridge the gap during your career transition because most military veterans will have spent at least a few years outside the civilian career track except when you’re on military finance jobs. If you’re a military veteran looking to enter the financial industry, there are steps you can take to start your career. These steps include improving your credentials, boosting your customer service standards, and launching a veterans outreach program within your company.

Boost Your Credentials For a Job Search

There are exciting finance jobs in the military, despite the widespread misconception that a finance degree is a ticket to the boardroom. All military missions revolve around money issues. After all, funding is necessary to support our troops on the front lines, pay soldiers, purchase weapons, and acquire the required equipment. You can take some actions to beat out competitors if you’re a veteran looking to strengthen your credentials for a job search in the financial industry. You can start by rebuilding your personal network. Get in touch with friends, former co-workers, and others who can help you. A network is essential for military personnel.

You can also boost your credentials for a job search by seeking opportunities to increase your technical proficiency. This can be accomplished through academic study, on-the-job training, dedication, and hard work. For example, if you studied business, look for an accreditation program to improve your skill in that field.

Finally, reaching out to those who make decisions at the businesses you’re interested in would be beneficial. Often, these contacts can put you in touch with people looking for veterans to join their teams. Be sure to ask if they have informational interviews for military veterans, as these can allow you to share your experiences with potential employers.

It’s Crucial to Network 

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Making personal connections is crucial for any successful job search, but it’s especially essential for military personnel who have left the civilian workforce. Therefore, don’t wait to reconnect with friends, family, former co-workers, and other contacts to rebuild and grow your personal and professional networks. You may have connections in your network who work for financial services firms like banks, insurance providers, mortgage lenders, investment advisors, and others.

Create a Thriving Veterans Program Within Your Company

One of the sectors that offer veterans the most career opportunities in the financial sector. Whether a veteran has worked in the civilian workforce or is currently on active duty, there is a good chance that they have experience in this industry. This is a great place to start, as some companies have been pioneering ways to provide veterans with career opportunities.

Reach out to contacts within the financial industry. These contacts can be former co-workers or friends. You can also go online to find a list of financial firms open to veterans looking for candidates with specific skills.

Boost Your Customer Service Standards in the Financial Industry

The best way to increase your customer service standards is to entice veterans to apply for your coveted job openings. There are numerous websites and organizations dedicated to veterans in the financial industry. In addition, many firms have job fairs for veterans and other prospective applicants. For veterans interested in a career in finance, these events are great opportunities to check out the latest in customer service technology and trends. Getting into the financial services industry can be daunting, but it can be accomplished with a bit of foresight and planning.

Using the latest in customer service technologies, you can deliver the best possible customer experience while meeting or exceeding your customers’ expectations. While you’re at it, take a moment to review the customer service standards of various federal agencies. This list includes Federal Student Aid, the Veterans’ Group Life Insurance, and the National Park Service. The requirements for each agency are similar.

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