How to Prepare the Ultimate Link Building Strategy

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Your SEO plan should include more than keywords and metadata. Backlinks are a major key to success in the world of Google, and they are more difficult to build than content with useful keywords and metas. The best link building services can develop high-quality connections between companies that can help yours. You can also take steps to take care of link building on your own with this proven strategy.

1.   Evaluate Your SEO

Before you start looking for backlinks, you should learn all you can about your website’s SEO profile. Check out your domain authority and figure out what you can do to improve it. Websites won’t want to link to you if your DA is too low, and they won’t want to link to you if you have broken links. If you have a respectable DA, you might already have backlinks, and a site like MOZ or AHREFS can show you who likes your content. Get to know your successful keywords and capitalize on them with more useful content. 

2.   Understand Your Niche Market

If you’ve got a website, you already have a market, but you’ll want to learn more about your niche market. Find what else they spend their money on and get to know those websites. Backlinking is a form of teamwork, as you help each other through a mutual online network of sharing content with each other. You use your content to grow your search engine results and other websites can use it for the same goal. 

3.   Find Complementary Websites

Before you start building relationships with other websites, you’ve got to find websites that compliment your business. If you run a catering company, you’ll want to connect to wedding planners, dress shops, and DJs, especially those in your geographic area. You won’t want to connect with competitors, but with companies that can benefit from your content and vice versa. Build your list in a spreadsheet so you can track your successes working with them. 

4.   Craft Quality Content

To get businesses to backlink to your site, you’ve got to create high-quality content that offers something to readers. The content should provide information with value. Readers love how-to posts, lists, and photo essays. 

Help your readers understand how to use your products and services, and what they can do to get the most for their money. When your readers begin sharing your content on their social media posts, you know you’ve succeeded. If you can’t write well, hire someone to write for you. 

5.   Share Content with Complementary Websites

Finally, share your content with other business owners. When you pitch your content, share it on your social media accounts so others begin seeing it immediately. Then, reach out to complementary websites to determine their interest in working with you. Remember, you can backlink to their content to make the sharing mutual. Some businesses might ask for payment if they link to you, and those partnerships rarely work out well. Continue to create quality content to maintain the backlink relationships with your favorite businesses.

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