7 Secrets to Successfully Maintaining Large Campuses

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College campuses can be very interesting places. There are always people around with different experiences and opinions on everything. From academics to student life and beyond, the discussion is never-ending. Because of this, it’s not always easy to maintain a large campus, but here are some tips to help you make sure things run smoothly.

1) Robust Scheduling Tools

Modern campuses often stretch across multiple different locations. This can lead to inefficient maintenance and many wasted hours going from job to job. The alternative is to plan the work and reduce the amount of time getting from one job to the next by ensuring all the work in a particular area is scheduled for completion at the same time.

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2) Employee Scheduling

If you have employees that work on campus, make sure that they are being properly scheduled. Never put someone in a position where they promise to be somewhere at a certain time and end up having no idea what they are doing or where they’re supposed to be. This will only cause problems for you later on down the road.

3) Schedule routine maintenance

Most maintenance work is something that needs to be done regularly. While sometimes it may seem that a lot of the maintenance tasks can be avoided, the reality is that routine maintenance is essential for a clean and reliable campus. Remember to schedule any maintenance work on campus and make sure each area is ready as needed.

4) Training/Support Staff

It’s not enough to simply hire an employee and then put them in charge of doing everything regarding your campus. It’s also important to have someone there to answer any potential questions or concerns they may have while they’re on campus. This will help them work efficiently, which will create a cleaner, more organized campus for you in the long run.

5) Maintain communication

While it’s important to have a staff that is ready and willing to work on campus, make sure that they are always in contact with the right people. This means that managers must always be in contact with their employees and vice versa so they can quickly resolve any problems that arise.

6) Monitor for problems

A lot of campuses will identify problem areas where problems are likely to occur. By keeping an eye out for these problem areas, you can quickly resolve them when they start happening. This will help you minimize potential issues as well as keep your campus clean and functional.

7) Document inspections

You need to know when your campus has been inspected and what type of issues were found during the inspection. This will help you solve potential problems in the future as well as allow you to check on any maintenance tasks that were done at your campus.Many campuses struggle to maintain their campuses because they don’t have the expertise and people to keep the campus running smoothly. Once you implement the tips mentioned above, you will start seeing a difference in the way your campus is maintained.

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