Why It Is Important to Know the Safest Ways to Transfer Files

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The fact that we are now living and working in the information and data age means that all businesses generally have the same issues, and one of these is around the safe and speedy transfer of files and information between and among businesses. Information is the lifeblood of most businesses, and as such, there needs to be a great deal more care taken when dealing with company data and information. Cybercrime is real and causing serious financial harm to the economy, with a total of US$10trillion dollars of cybercrime costs expected by 2025.


The levels of cybercrime have simply increased over time and have now reached levels never seen before. It is actually one of the biggest businesses in the world and is only set to continue on this trend. Data is the new gold, and the fact this is the case means that more people are looking to illegally get their hands on your business’ data. It is then generally during the transfer and sharing of information when such crimes are committed, and as such, it is when files are sent, transferred and shared that we must be most vigilant. If a business loses data, it is not only about the data being used by unscrupulous criminals, but there are additional costs for the recovery or recreation of these files.

Managed file transfer

This is one of the safest ways to transfer files; it is the automated movement of data and can be used by companies to send usual correspondence or highly private financial data. It covers every aspect of inbound and outbound data and file movement or transfers. Furthermore, security is enhanced using industry-standard network and encryption systems and protocols, digital certificates or signatures, and a host of other security features. There are some great examples out there, such as MFT software from Globalscape, that will allow your business to drastically improve the movement and management of data and files, both internally in the business and externally to other partners and stakeholders.

Shared file spaces

Using the cloud to share huge amounts of data and important files is one of the best ways to share large amounts of data without having to send it via email. There is no transfer of data per se, except between the Dropbox or shared drive and your own server. There are a number of ways to share files online, and you will need to have done your research to ensure that you have chosen enough space and that you are safe from unauthorized access.The manner in which we share and send information and data in this age is incredibly important, and one wrong move can cost your business dearly. The simple ideas for sharing information and data as safely as you can, as noted and discussed here, are but only two of the means that you can stay safe while you share data and information online.

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