3 Types of Content Marketing Services for Small Businesses

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Content marketing generates a whopping three times as many leads as traditional marketing. Not only that, but it’s typically less expensive to implement.

Content reigns supreme in today’s marketing and business strategies. Everyone from the smallest local shops to the biggest corporations rely on content to generate leads and boost sales.

But for small businesses that are new to content marketing, it can be hard to know where to begin. After all, content can many things, and some channels may be more effective than others.

If you’re looking to create a solid content marketing strategy, here are three types of content marketing services to consider.

1. Social Media Creation

Just a decade ago, social media was for posting travel pictures and chatting with friends. Today, it’s one of the most popular ways for small businesses to promote their products and services.

Some content marketing experts specialize in social media content, creating high-quality social media posts that attract followers. Those followers then engage with the content, eventually becoming a customer.

Social media professionals are familiar with the latest social media trends and skilled at creating images, videos, and other types of social media content. These skills can be invaluable for up-and-coming small businesses.

2. SEO Services

Good content means nothing if no one sees it. That’s where SEO comes in.

SEO, or search engine optimization, uses special techniques to ensure that blog posts and other content rank high in search engine results. This is crucial in attracting web visitors and generating leads.

While you or someone from your small business could try to learn SEO yourselves, an SEO outsourcing service already has the tools needed to boost your website in no time. This can include keyword research tools, analytics tools, and years of SEO knowledge.

To save time and start ranking in search results as soon as possible, find an SEO professional to give your website the boost it needs.

3. Email Marketing

You may not think of email as being part of content marketing. But email content can be one of the most effective ways to secure sales from already-warm leads.

This can come in the form of email newsletters, digital promotional mailers, and lead-nurturing emails. Emails can also be segmented to target a particular email recipient exactly where they’re at in the customer journey.

You may think that, just because you’ve written emails before, you can handle your business’s email content in house. However, email marketing requires effective copywriting, stunning images, and careful design. That’s why this is one of the top types of content marketing services to consider outsourcing.

The Best Content Marketing Services for Small Businesses

If you’re ready to solidify your small business’s online presence, you need an effective content marketing strategy. Whether it be social media marketing, an SEO upgrade to your website, or high-quality emails, turn to professional content marketing services for the best results.For more business tips, check out our latest blog posts!

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