6 Signs It’s Time To Hire A B2B Marketing Agency

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Marketing has become a business necessity if you want to remain competitive, as well as grow your audience, sales, and revenue. However, it’s not an easy job to do. The marketing landscape is constantly evolving and changing to meet the market and consumer demands. You can choose to build an in-house marketing team or hire a marketing agency.  

Outsourcing your marketing to a B2B agency can prove to be highly beneficial for your business. But, if you’re to reap its real benefits, you have to know the best time to engage one. So, how do you know the best time to bring in a B2B marketer to boost your marketing strategy and campaign?  Fortunately, there are some signs that point out the need for you to do so. 

In this article, you’ll see six telltale signs that are evidence that the time is ripe to partner with a third-party marketing agency.  

  1. When You Need An Extra Hand 

It’s okay when you can’t handle everything on your own. Sometimes, you may be looking to execute a large-scale marketing campaign, but you simply don’t have the capacity to carry it out. When you look at your team, everyone seems to be quite overstretched in their responsibilities. The team may be able to do good in the short term, but you know the work will wear them out mentally and physically if the campaign needs to run for a longer time.  

When such a time comes, you can gladly share the responsibility with a B2B marketing agency to run the campaign for you. Instead of straining your team and resources on something you might end up not giving your best effort, engaging a B2B marketing company would be your best option. You can leverage their capacity, experience, and expertise to meet your marketing campaign goals.  

  1. Your Bottom Line Is Hurting 

Every business is in it for profit, but, sometimes, your sales keep falling flat no matter how much you try. It’s possible that your inadequate marketing is a contributing factor to static or declining sales numbers.

You may need to boost your in-house team with outside help for you to stay on track and effectively convert leads into sales. The beauty of hiring a B2B firm is that the more you put into it, the better benefits you reap, as they aim to improve your strategies and get you better returns. 

  1. Your Team Lacks A Specific Skill 

Another common sign that you need to get external help with your marketing strategy is when you identify a skills gap within your team. Marketing involves numerous concepts working in sync with each other to be effective. Sometimes, your in-house team can achieve great results, but, sometimes, you need expert knowledge and expertise in a particular campaign to succeed.   

You need to give your best effort when you want to get excellent marketing results from your strategy and campaign. You’ll need the best available tools to address your need to achieve this. Hiring an expert in the area you’re lacking is one option, but that puts an extra strain on your budget. 

In this case, a B2B marketing agency becomes your best alternative. You only need to engage them for the time you need without expending the resources necessary to hire and maintain full-time team members. When you hire such a firm, first, you gain access to a team of marketing specialists, and, second, the best marketing tools.  

If you hire a reputable full-service marketing firm with experience dealing with similar businesses as yours, you’ll have specialists in both inbound and outbound marketing. The two areas of marketing are critical for a successful marketing campaign. 

  1. Things Are Not Working 

For you to reach your company’s marketing objectives, it’s critical to evaluate your strengths and shortcomings. When you’re unable to pinpoint precisely where you’re going with your campaign or what’s stalled, it’s time to enlist the services of a B2B marketing agency. A marketing agency can help you if you’re stumped on what marketing strategy is generating the most leads or which campaign is a flop. This stops you from wasting time and resources on strategies and campaigns that aren’t working or are worth it in the long run. 

  1. You Want To Invest In Business Growth 

A time will come when you need to take your business to a new direction. You may be planning for a rebrand or a complete reorganization of your strategy. When you want to take your business to a new direction, there’s no better partner to help you than another business whose goal is to help you. They can help with replanning, realigning, or refocusing your marketing strategy in the future direction you want to take your business. 

A rebirth of your business investment and growth begins with marketing, and it’s an excellent time to bring in a marketing agency. This will help ensure you’re on track with your business goals as you reorganize. At this critical hour in your business, a competent B2B marketing firm can offer invaluable support and recommendations to bolster your business’s growth. 

  1. Your Competitor Has A B2B Agency 

You may have carried out competitor analysis and established that your competitor, who’s ranking higher, has a B2B agency on board. If your main competitors have hired a marketing firm, they’ve already acquired an enormous edge over your business. You can try and cover this gap by hiring an agency for your business.  

However, it’d be best to consider engaging an agency that’s familiar with your industry, niche, and business goals. They’ll be more capable of helping you deliver your brand message, branding, marketing, and advertising. Hiring a marketing agency is a smart move if you want to keep up with the competition or stay one step ahead of them.  


Timing is everything in business, and you should be able to discern when your marketing efforts need a boost from a stronger force. Marketing isn’t easy, and, sometimes, your team becomes overstretched. However, without effective marketing, your business can’t grow. A B2B marketing agency can help boost various areas of your marketing and steer you in the right direction. The six critical signs above tell you when the time has come to engage a new gear and move your marketing to another level.

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