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Anyone who has moved for a few months or more knows that there is always something new to worry about. It can be tricky trying to organize your move with all of the moving day preparations from packing, unpacking, and then repacking. However, by hiring professional movers, you can relax during this difficult time and trust them with your valuable belongings. Check out Movers in the Nordic region for more information on what makes the best way for you to pack up your possessions and transport them safely.

When hiring movers, it is crucial to be cautious. Not only should you check the license of your chosen moving company, but you should also inspect their trucks and vehicles. It is vital that the trucks are clean and that the tires are in good shape. The truck should have insurance on both sides of the freight and a working camera for easier tracking. You also want to ensure that your moving company has a proven track record of excellent customer service. Ask for references and check reviews online before you hire any company to transport your belongings from one location to another. When it comes to moving to the Nordic region, here are the best companies you can consider:

Oslo Flyttehjelp

Oslo Flyttehjelp is a reputable moving company that undertakes relocation assignments in Akershus and Oslo areas. They also perform assignments in the rest of the European continent. The company works hard to ensure you receive nothing but the best customer service from their team. Their employees are highly trained in packing and moving services and will point out any issues before they happen. Oslo Flyttehjelp takes pride in offering you excellent customer service, above all else and wants your experience with them to be good throughout your move or storage needs.

The movers at Oslo Flyttehjelp are insured and licensed, which is a must for this moving company. They know how important it is to ensure your belongings are safe and sound on the move, which is why they are using the safest materials in the industry. The company cares about your items and will make sure that they’re handled with care at all times. Their movers will be sure to protect your belongings from damage by wrapping, tying down, and padding heavy items to ensure that you get your goods to their final destination safely. 

Oslo Flyttehjelp provides you with a solution to all of your moving needs. It doesn’t matter if you need a 1-bedroom apartment or a 5-bedroom mansion – they’re all packed with care by their staff. This mover focuses on providing you with the best service possible and will ensure that your items are well-protected throughout the move. They are not just a moving company, but they are your new moving experience.

Nordic Movers

The Nordic Movers is one of the international express cargo and moving companies established in Helsinki, Finland. This company arranges express relocations and cargo services throughout the European continent. 

The experience of the Nordic Movers employees directly translates into providing reliable and honest service. Their more than ten years in business have instilled a sense of professionalism and respect for others and their property that can open the door to making a lasting, positive impression on anyone who hires them. Nordic Movers values their clients because they keep them in business and want to do their best for them. They also want them to be satisfied with their services and recall them fondly whenever they hear someone mention needing a moving company.

Nordic Movers value their clients because they give them a solid reputation to maintain. With each year they make service calls, they can build upon that positive impression of the company with new customers, who will most likely have the same positive experience with them as they did the previous time they hired them. That gives them more ability to showcase their image and brand to potential clients.

All the affiliated moving companies of hold an approved traffic permit by the Swedish Transport Agency. Also, such companies apply general industry agreements, including Kontor 2003 and Bohag 2010. Apart from that, the company emphasizes competitive pricing. They put their prices out there to be certain what they will be paying before they book the services. They want potential customers to know that under no circumstances will they be paying more than they should be or finding out after the fact that they were overcharged because their employees overlooked something or missed some hidden fee.

The company has employees you can trust and are honest and straightforward with their clients. They want their clients to relax with the service provider that cares about them, listens to their individual needs, and gives them an appropriate price for their move. The employees know the ins and outs of the moving business, which allows them to anticipate what should be done and make it easier to relax during your move.

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