How To Get Good Headshots Of Employees

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The headshot is one of the most critical images in your professional life. It’s how the hiring manager or company recruiter sees you and decides whether you are the right person to work with them. You should always have a line of communication open with someone in your network who can provide insight into what makes a good photo. The best thing to do is go through a few different sets of photos, take notes on what you like about each set, and then try to put together an attractive headshot that has all aspects of your personality on display.

You need to choose a photographer that you feel comfortable with. If you do not like the photographer or feel like they can do the job well, it is worth finding someone new. Ideally, you should trust your photographer and feel confident that they will work hard to get the best results out of you.

Your image will be used repeatedly on the web, in print material, online resumes, and blogs throughout your career, so it is essential to make sure that this first impression is as strong as it can be. When determining how you can get a good headshot of employees, you can consider the following brands in the Nordic countries. 


Kolonihaven has a rigorous policy of only working with companies on the up-and-up. They do not work with companies trying to cheat their current employees or clients. They do not tolerate such companies in their industry, nor will they work with them. They should know if their company is unethical or avoided from the outset. When searching for a photographer for headshots, beware of those who say it is easy to get business without paying for headshots. Be careful of companies that say they are just starting out or on a shoestring budget. That is not true in Kolonihaven’s industry. They want employees to feel like they are getting the best possible service, so they only work with companies that can afford good headshots.

Headshot photography is a business, and Kolonihaven’s staff go out of their way to ensure their clients are satisfied with the outcome. They want them to know how critical their success is for their company and them. They maintain the highest standards in their industry. They have identification on file, proof of insurance, and all other necessary credentials. The cost of photography is known right upfront. If a client is unsure how their company will look with headshots taken, they provide a free consultation to go over the process and make them comfortable hiring them for good headshots for employees.

Studio Fotos

Studio Fotos offers their clients a chance to approve or change anything they do not like about how they look in their publicity photos during the actual shoot. They are proud of being an ethical company that can help companies achieve long-lasting success through portraits and headshots for employees.

The photographer of Studio Fotos is a master of taking headshots, both in-studio and on location. They will talk to your employees before the photo session to get a sense of who they are and what type of studio headshot would fit their personality and features best. Their photographer is also very talented at working with their clients, so you can be assured that your employees will be appropriately handled throughout the photo session.

Studio Fotos takes pride in every client they have worked with over the years. They know that this is not only a business transaction but a partnership to continue building your brand and grow your business. They also know that their services are valuable, and they never want anyone to be disappointed in their images or lose faith in their company. That is why they do the research and present possible options for the best possible results for the individual or company.


Splento offers on-demand and business photography in Stockholm. They understand you might need headshots that fit your company’s specific needs. They can accommodate any preferences you have, whether they are because of the location of your company or the size of your staff. If you need more than one person featured in the headshots, they can accommodate that as well. Do not worry about us showing up with a different idea in mind. They will work with you to provide a headshot session that does what you need it to and more. 

Splento has an easy-to-use online booking system that lets you manage your appointments easily. You can make, change, and cancel appointments quickly, including business press, content for marketing campaigns and conferences, without having to talk to anyone on the phone or communicate through email. They have all their contact information on a website, but you will not need it since everything is done in their online booking system. They use their online booking system for every client, whether you are an individual wanting a corporate headshot or someone who wants headshots for their modeling portfolio, and they are proud of the way it works. 

Some headshot photographers are a little too serious for their good, making getting your headshots a stressful ordeal. Others do not focus on their clients enough and go through setting up a shoot and taking pictures. They are a step ahead of both of these if you allow them to be. The goal of Splento is to ensure that you get great photos while enjoying yourself. That might be challenging to do, but they are up for the challenge. They also want to ensure you are smiling when you look at the photos, because you will develop a similar feeling when you look at them in the future.

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