5 Tips for A Successful Catering Business

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Gone are the days when hospitality graduates had to look for employment in the food and hotel once they were done with school. Today they have many job opportunities, including running their own catering business. With more organizations outsourcing food from catering companies for their events, a catering business can succeed if well run. There is no denying that this business has a lot of competition. And while the food you serve will be your main selling point, it cannot be the only thing you use to keep clients. Here are some helpful tips that can see your catering business grow.


Just like any other business, one of the ways to attract a lot of customers is through low pricing. However, using low prices to win business will keep you busy, but you might not be making a profit at the end of the day. Besides adding up your total food cost for an event, you also need to account for the uniform, labor, transport, remaining food stock, among other costs. Giving out discounts once in a while is okay. However, do not do it to the point where you are running at a loss. Before giving a client the final cost, account for the necessary expenses so that, at the end of the day, you are making profits.

Take Advantage of Technology

Sticky notes and Google calendars are not enough to keep track of all your orders. These manual processes will only hold you back. Instead, take advantage of the best catering management software that can help streamline how you track orders and save you time and energy. Good software allows you to accept online credit card payments, reduce communication between you and the staff and send bills to customers. This helps avoid issues such as double booking.

Market Your Business

The only way you will get to inform people about your business is through marketing. Traditional marketing techniques like local publications and print ads are great, but to stand out from your competition, you will have to embrace digital marketing. People spend a lot of time on their devices, which increases your chances of being noticed if you take the digital route.

Network With Event Planners and Coordinators

In almost all events, the event planner will always have to hire caterers. Networking with them allows you to get business. Go online and look for event planning platforms. Are there catering needs that most event planners feel are not being met? Do not be afraid to advertise your business there or even inbox a few event planners. You can also discount your services for the first catering gig.

Build Trust with Your Clients

For your catering business to succeed, you need people to talk about your company. That means building trust with the clients you already have. Event planners know each other. And before someone goes online to look for a caterer, they will start with their network. If you have a good reputation, you will easily be recommended to other clients.

Food should be among the most memorable things that people talk about when leaving an event. Keep these tips in mind and serve great food, and you will find your catering business succeeding.

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