Are You Ready For More Office Space?

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Business growth is one of the most exciting things that you go through. And can cover several different things. For example, it could be that you guys are moving into a new and exciting market. It could be that your team needs to add a few extra members to it. 

And eventually, it will mean moving to a bigger office space.

Of course, with bigger office space, there comes greater responsibility as the company owner, and it’s your job to make sure that the office has everything you need. Quite often it tends to be that the business will need to expand upwards and take on more floors in the same office building.

Aside from the obvious, making sure that you have the kitchen ready, commercial lift installation is set up, or maintenance of the regular lift is in place. And each team member knows which floor they’re going to be on; there are some signs to look for that you are ready for more office space.


If you have ended up in the unfortunate position that you have one or more extra staff per desk, then you’re going to have to upgrade your office space. Overcrowding with one or two people isn’t usually too much of an issue, but if you are hot-desking and finding there are more than three people without a desk daily, it’s time to expand.


If you run a business that holds a lot of products in the area and you’re finding that you are outgrowing your storage space, it’s probably time to move. Often if you’ve been storing products, the best thing you can do is move this into a warehouse and expand the desk space into the previous storage space. 

However, if you are noticing that it is your stock cupboards, your filing cabinets and desks, or fold away chairs for your staff, it’s time to move.

Meeting clashes

If you have a single meeting room that is constantly double-booked, it is time to move to an office that offers you more meeting space. 

You should also consider the number of people that need to be in the meeting; for example, if you have one meeting room that holds 20 people, and each time it is completely booked up, you’re going to need to have that conversation about upsizing.

Keep in mind that the meeting plushies can often cause issues between staff members about who the priority should go to.


We all know the office that we work in reflects your brand, and if your space no longer represents what you want the clients to say, it’s time for you to move. Look for a more updated and modern office space with or room for your clients and staff.

If any of these sounds slightly familiar, it is certainly worth considering if it’s time for you to upsize your office. A growing office does come with some expenses, but usually, they are more than worth it. After all, when you upsize the office area you can hire more team members and be more productive in the long run.

If you are already mentally planning how your office should look, check out these tips: 6 Trending Ideas for Designing a Modern Office.

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