5 Things Your Kids Can Teach You About Marketing

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If you think marketing needs to be technical and sophisticated, think again. At root, it’s all about reaching out emotionally and pulling at people’s heartstrings. There’s nothing complicated about it. 

In this post, we take a look at some of the things that your children – yes, yours – can teach you about marketing

Be As Familiar As You Can 

You want your brand to feel like home to your customers – somewhere they naturally want to go after doing battle with the world. For this reason, it’s crucial to be as familiar as possible. 

Kids love familiarity. In many ways, they’re slaves to it. They love going through the same actions over and over again. The same should be true of your brand. It shouldn’t try to break ranks and be something that it’s not. You should always stick to form, even if it seems dull and boring to you. After all, that’s what your audience wants. 

Do Something Funny

Which commercials do your kids remember the most? Is it the dry ones about building insurance? Or is it the humorous ones that make them laugh? Almost always, it’s the latter. 

Do be afraid to do something silly in your marketing, so long as it fits your brand. Make people laugh, even if you need to do it in a sophisticated way to stay on point. 

Being really funny means communicating with your audience in a way that only they would expect. Remember, you’re not trying to reach out to 100 percent of people – just the individuals who will actually buy from you. 

Include An Element Of Storytelling

Stories don’t have to be complicated. But if you want to market effectively, you need one. 

Kids love stories. Whenever you read to them, they will listen intently, fascinated by what you’re saying. 

Adults love them too, though most of them don’t realise it. Telling a story helps them better identify with your brand and think of you whenever they need a product or service. The more you can deliver “a-ha” moments in your storytelling, the more customers you’ll get. 

Pay Attention To Packaging

Packaging is important to both kids and adults alike. Whenever you sell a product off a store shelf or via a mailing house, you want it to feel like Christmas for the buyers. 

Just look at how kids respond to cereal boxes. They love them, thanks to their bright colors and cartoons. 

If you sell to adults, all you need to do is apply the same principles in a slightly more sophisticated way. The more you embellish your packaging, the more desirable it will make your brand appear, even if you typically target the lower end of the market. 

Be Impactful

Lastly, kids respond best to impactful adverts – those that go straight to the heart. Don’t focus on logic. It never works. 

When advertising, always think about the emotion that your audience wants after consuming your product or service. Then home in on that, describing precisely how they’re going to get it.

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