Save Time and Money with a Fully Online Bank

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If you must visit your bank in-person to conduct business, you may feel like you waste a lot of time. You may have to rush to the bank during your lunch break or leave work early to get there during business hours. With an online bank, you can take care of your finances from anywhere with only your computer. You can also save money, as many online banks have affordable monthly rates and refund ATM fees. With a 

Less Paperwork

When you sign up with a traditional bank, you must meet with a representative to apply for your bank account. Once approved, you must fill out paperwork to open your account. This often takes 30- 60 minutes and wastes both paper and time. You may also receive a packet of papers to bring home with all of your account information.

 Even if your bank has online tools, you may need to visit the bank in-person to make some deposits or deal with specific transactions. With an online bank, you can simply sign up on your computer, avoiding paper use. You can also set up direct deposit or mobile check cashing. In person, you must fill out deposit slips. 

Avoid ATM Fees

ATM fees can add up fast when you need cash on a regular basis. You may stop at an ATM to grab lunch money or to use for tips, for example. Many banks charge clients extra money to use out-of-network ATM machines. You may not find a branch of your bank every time you need cash, however. Since online banks don’t have physical buildings or ATM machines, they usually give you a list of acceptable ATM machines to use free of charge. If you must use your Aspiration debit card and a different ATM, you can get at least one refund each month for the fees. 

Lower Cost and Rewards

You can usually expect to get a competitive monthly rate for your checking account, as well. Some online banks also offer discounts if you pay for the entire year upfront. Aspiration bank offers low monthly rates and rewards for responsible shoppers. As an environmentally friendly company, Aspiration funds carbon offsets instead of fossil fuels, like many popular banks. You can also get rewards from Aspiration bank for shopping with earth-conscious companies. Aspiration helps clients become more aware of how their spending habits affect the planet. 

Save time and money with an online bank. We all have busy days with work and family. Banking doesn’t have to take time away from your free time. With online banking, you can easily check your account and make deposits from your phone or computer. You can also sign up for direct deposit. Online banks often offer ATM fee refunds, discounted rates, and rewards, as well. Take the time to research your options to find the right bank for you. You are sure to find one with the features you desire that fits your budget. Aspiration Bank helps clients save money and supports environmental efforts.

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