Essential Marketing Tips for WordPress Users

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Does your website run on WordPress? If so, it’s one of the estimated 64 million sites that use WordPress as a content management system. The software tool is open source, free-to-use, and infinitely powerful. It was launched back in 2003 and has made lightning progress since then as currently each month over 409 million people view more than 20 billion pages. Are you lagging behind in site visits and conversion? Read on for some essential marketing tips for WordPress to get potential customers flocking to your website and coming back for more.

Where Are You At?

At this stage, we’re assuming that you’ve already chosen a good hosting partner to ensure that your website is fast and always accessible. Some hosting providers like IONOS offer WordPress hosting with a full range of features and professional support included. This makes launching your website fast and straightforward with the ongoing problem-free operation. 

How successful is your website? What you don’t know, you can’t fix, so take advantage of analytical (and free!) tools like Google Analytics to track your site’s progress and visitors regularly. 

Awesome SEO Optimized Content

Key success factors are about getting high-quality dofollow backlinks and achieve high SERP [Search Engine Result Pages] rankings for your WordPress site. To achieve that you need to publish high-quality search engine optimized content on your site.

Focus on keywords with high search frequency and very specific (long-tail) keywords, which tend to have lower competition. 

Long-form content (+500 words), rather than its snappy, short counterpart ranks and converts very well. This form of content can make you appear an authority or an expert on a subject and engage more site visitors who are looking for answers or insight. Long-form content also opens more doors for backlinks… But not all content has to be long—use it wisely. 

Oh, and make sure that your headings, titles, content, meta descriptions, alt tag of images, and title tags contain the right keyword(s) of course.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can help you boost traffic to your WordPress website and in doing so, generate more sales, revenue, or commissions. Yet hardly any of us have the time to be constantly posting, tweeting, and pinning quality content on social media. That’s where a few tools can come in handy when you are stuck for time. 

You can try using Social Sharing Buttons to help get your content shared. Make sure any images you use with text are eye-catching and easy to share. Compress the images on your site using lossless compression, that way you reduce the page load time without affecting the quality.

Don’t forget that you can also integrate social media on your site. If your social media has lots of social interaction, visitors to your site will want to join in too. 

Email Marketing + Press Releases

With your site up and running you can turn to email marketing to target potential and existing customers directly. Email marketing service providers offer packages that enable you to send out bulk emails that are still personalized and don’t end up in spam.  You also get to be able to manage your contact lists and follow the success of your email campaigns.

Don’t forget to submit press releases and articles too to further boost your online presence. 

Good Old-Fashioned Offline Marketing

Offline marketing is still alive and kicking, so remember that you can still place ads in industry magazines and even send the odd physical newsletter or a simple, plain letter. Contests, competitions, and giveaways are also great ways to engage your audience.

Finally…There is no one right answer when it comes to effective marketing for your WordPress site. It of course depends on the site you have and your target audience. It’s a question of trial and error and not giving up until you find what best suits you.

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