Train Ride Pitch: What Do You Do?

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You have heard of the elevator pitch, right? You have to explain your idea, product, or business in about 30-60 seconds. If it’s too complex and doesn’t meet the time standard, chances are you don’t know what you’re doing and it’s not going to win many people over. If it’s short, sharp, to the point, and easy to understand, you’re in with a shot. But what about a train ride pitch? You’re sitting on the subway on your way to the office and you happen to meet a well-dressed sir or madam, who asks you what you do. How will you respond? You have several minutes now, so you shouldn’t be at a loss for words but there are some challenges.

Gallery of just work

Now that you have a few minutes to explain what you do, why not just show them what you do? You can and should always rely on your words because human contact will always win above everything else. But have a photo gallery on your phone, or just work stuff. This can be photos of product design, testing of products, how the products are used and the unique aspects of unique selling points of said products. Imagine if you could display the products you are working on right now, to a prospective investor on the train ride to work, but you didn’t think of taking any photos with your phone?! What a missed opportunity!

The old standby

Before the person steps off the train and goes about their day, you want to leave a lasting impression. You should, of course, smile, shake their hand, and thank them for the lovely chat. But you want something more, something dependable to remind them about who you are once they are off for the weekend and at home. Nothing is better than a slick business card. Take a look at the square business card printing service where you can print off unique business cards that look and feel the part. Bright vivid colors as well as a very rich choice of materials, give you the opportunity to make a card they have never seen or felt before. 

Your backstory 

Here’s a secret about investors. They do not invest in businesses, they invest in people. So you should have your backstory straight just in case an investor asks you the hardest question of all; i.e. ‘Tell me about yourself?’. Talk about where you grew up, the types of subjects you liked in school, what you did after you left education and why you set up this business. Many entrepreneurs have a reason they are making a product. Someone making a heart-related product might have had someone close to them die of a heart attack. Someone making a clothing line might have had body image issues and wants to help women or men look great to feel great. 

If you had 5 minutes to talk one on one with a potential investor, what would you say and do? Anyone can mess up a 30-second elevator pitch, but messing up a 5-minute chat is not something most of us think we’ll be capable of. But it happens. So be aware of your options.

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