7 Most Effective Ways to Spice Up Your Office

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One of the best ways to improve our overall productivity and mood is to be in an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. People spend most of their time at work. While at the office, you are expected to be social, creative, and productive. 

For those who don’t know, a well-designed office space can make a huge influence on your productivity.

The most productive offices balance the image of a professional business with the comforts of home. If you want a healthy and happy work office to thrive in, you need to spice up your office with things that can fill it with inspiration, life, and color. 

Fortunately, there are a lot of economical and simple décor tips you can follow to improve your office. These things will help you feel motivated, inspired, and energized to take on the day. 

Aside from that, you can use all of these tips for almost any office, big or small. So, it does not matter what situation you are working in. Here are 7 most effective ways to spice up your office:

Get Comfortable

Before you do anything, you should feel comfy in your office. To do this, you have to start with your chair. Purchasing a comfortable and ergonomic office chair can be expensive. Fortunately, there are other things you can do if you’ve got a tight budget. 

You should get a special pillow and place it behind your back. Aside from that, you can also place books under your computer to have a DIY standing desk. 

You’ve got to ensure the top of your monitor is at the level of your eyes. Keep the screen at least 25 inches away from you. With this, you can easily prevent eye strain.

Have a Vision Board

One of the most practical items for your office is a whiteboard. You can use it for a lot of purposes and it only takes a small space. 

To spice up your whiteboard, make sure you write down your daily tasks on it. You can also use your whiteboard as your visualization board. You can jot down your dreams and goals. It is an excellent way to utilize the law of attraction and be inspired to take action to achieve your dreams.

Personalize Your Office

Here are a couple of enjoyable ways to decorate your office. These tips will help you feel at home. However, they still keep things business-oriented and professional at the same time.


Every time you enter your office, these things will make you smile. You can calm your mind and be ready to focus on your task.

Maximize Lighting

One of the simplest methods to improve your energy and lower eye strain is to optimize your lighting. This is particularly true if you’re always reading things in low light.

Maximize the natural light you are working with if possible. You can do this by using breezy window treatments instead of opaque ones. However, if you can’t add natural light to your office, you should not worry. There are other things you can do.

Try to opt for bright white bulbs. You should also consider adding Gindestar LED neon flex to help maximize lighting in your office in a stylish way.

Hang Large Works of Art

Hanging art can make your office a lot more spacious, thoughtful, and interesting. This is particularly true if you’ve got a small office. You can use black and white wall hangings to keep things simple. However, if you want to go bold, try to opt for eye-catching and vibrant works. 

It does not matter what type of art you choose. Make sure it will help brighten up your day each time you enter your office. Adding canvas prints to the walls of your office can be an elegant expression of art to show the mind and heart of your company. 

Keep it Minimal

You need to remove clutter in your office. These can be items on your desk that you do not use anymore. Some of the most common clutter in the office include notepads, pens, sheets, folders, and more.

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If possible, try to go paperless in your office. However, this may not be an easy thing to incorporate. This is particularly true if you are used to writing down things on a piece of paper and have notepads everywhere. 

You should dedicate a couple of days to declutter your office. You can do this during the weekend.

Keep in mind that productivity improves if your desk is clean and organized. 

Own the Space

You should try to bring in a lamp, decorative bookends, greenery, and even snacks. You can feel more committed to your job if you have freedom in what your office looks like. Thus, it can improve your productivity by around 30%.

If you’re an employer, you should allow your employees to decide what their office looks like. Perhaps you can offer them a tiny budget to purchase something that makes them feel at home. To make the office space less stuffy, buy some photo frames and allow your employees to put pictures on their desks. This will make their space more their own and make it feel like home.


Unless you work from home, your office is your second home. It is a place where you spend most of your time in a single day. 

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Since we spend a lot of time in our office, it is crucial that our workspaces motivate us to get through the day. With the tips mentioned above, you can customize and personalize your office to improve your mood and productivity.

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