How to Shoot a Movie: Things To Pay Attention To

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Shooting a movie does not entail standing in front of a camera,  saying your lines(For actors and actresses), or giving countless instructions to the crew. It requires preparations and Lots of planning. To come up and shoot a movie that will be watched and probably win some awards requires precision and certains killing. If you are looking forward to shooting a movie, here is how to do so.



Screenplays are quite a journey when you are new to writing. It’s good to establish your storyline, and outline it once you’ve made up your mind. Continue outlining and making progressive improvements until you’re satisfied with your story’s flow and direction. You can begin working on your screenplay once you have a stable plot.

Don’t think about editing your script until you’ve finished the first draft. Take a break from writing after you’ve finished the first draft. You’ll be ready to return to the table with a new perspective. Once you’ve returned, work on the script. Continue to edit and rewrite until you’re satisfied. You can get screenwriting suggestions from around you. 

2.Get the Right cast for the roles


Your script may be important for you, but it’s essential to note that every expression you’ve imagined as you write your story and the flow of your script. Getting the right cast for your screenplay is not all about getting your movies to get a hit in the market, although this should be the case, it’s more about ensuring that every aspect of your movie gettings the cover it requires and that your cast does not have to work hard to get the movie flowing.

Consequently, every movie gets reviewed and what most reviewers focus on is the parts that had mistakes or how the cast should have handled themselves in that particular time.  For this part to be perfect, ensure that your cast does not act well, they absorb into the character and live them, this is the best way to get the best out of them.

3.Have a professional crew


Every movie has a crew that works behind the scene to ensure that everything is set outright, from the props to the scenes. Make sure that you get the right team for this. Otherwise, the whole process is going to be hard on you. 

Having the right crew makes things easier. Before the movie, ensure that every set is well prepared. This is where your crew comes in. Be sure that every single aspect of your movie has a qualified person handling it. This will help you from being overwhelmed from handling everything by yourself.

4.Invest in Floating docks

Most movies have different scenes, and 70% of these movies require making a couple of shots in the water. Floating boat docks give you a great platform to do this without having to worry about your equipment getting wet. These docks are designed to be firm on water, providing you with great support for your equipment and the crew that will be handling the camera. They are low-budget and you can easily use them in other areas in your set as well.

5.Get a Greenscreen


A Lot of movies have been set and acted in greenscreen and the final editing is done to create the entire background. Greenscreen is a cheaper way to shoot movies, but ensure that your post-production team is qualified enough to make realistic backgrounds such that you do not have to worry about your greenscreen being too obvious. 

There are many softwares that you can use for your post-production processes such as adobe premiere pro for editing and Unity for 3D and VFX. What matters most is how your team handles the entire process. 

6.Have a great post-production team


Post-production teams come in really handy after the whole movie has been shot. Their work mainly entails cutting unwanted or ruined clips from the movie and re-joining clips all the same. They also do colour correction and colour grading on ruined shots and deal with post-production sounds and fixtures. The post-production teams make the movie even more interesting. 

7.Get the right equipment


Equipment such as a camera and mics help a lot in shooting a movie. If your movie is a smaller project, you are good to go with just a good camera and a mic. The rest can easily be done by the post-production team. 

Nonetheless, if your movie is a larger project, ensure you invest wisely in every single piece of equipment that is deemed necessary to ensure that the entire production process is successful. Think 8k cameras, Monitors, Nvidia graphics cards, name them. Have a production budget and ensure that everything is set before you begin shooting your movie. 


Overall, shooting a movie is not necessarily about the end product, but ensuring that every process is right. When you see it this way, the whole idea broadens your perspective in movie production. Just get everything done, one thing at a time. Precision and perfection are essential to ensure that your final product is substantial. All the best!

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