3 Things to Do When Planning Your Own Funeral

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Planning your own funeral may sound morbid, but there comes a time when contemplating our death, the funeral service, and how we would like to be sent off becomes a reality that we have to deal with and consider. Furthermore, planning our own funeral, considering the cost breakdown of everything involved, and then taking out the necessary insurance, can help take the burden and weight off the shoulders of our loved ones. They will simply have to follow-through with your requests and not have to worry about the costs or plan the funeral service from scratch.

But when it comes to planning your own funeral, how do you go about it and what are the important elements you cannot forget to include? There are so many aspects of a funeral to consider, such as a service, limousine transport for family, and memorial items such as commemorative plaques or these melbourne tombstones. Unsure on how to plan your own funeral service? Read on for guidance and advice. 

1.     Find a Reliable Funeral Company

The first thing you need to do is find a trustworthy funeral company who can help plan your funeral and then execute the process once you have died. While there are numerous companies who can do this, you need to find one that is local to you, offers the type of service that you want, and has a pre-planning service. You should also read reviews to ensure that they are mostly positive and that the family and friends of those who have used them recommend their services. 

Funeral planning companies such as Baldwin Brothers Funeral and Cremation Society offer a pre-planning service that helps you decide on the type of funeral you would like and offers you peace of mind. What’s more, they offer lovely extras such as a beautiful cremation urn or cremation jewelry if this is something you and your loved ones would like. Always check what is included in the plan and the cost breakdown before signing any documents.

2.     Speak with Your Family and Friends

Your family and friends deserve to know that you are planning or have planned out your funeral service. Remember, though, that this revelation may come as a shock, especially if you are fit and healthy. Remind them that you are planning your funeral so that you can ensure that everything is taken care of and that there will be no need for them to worry about organizing or paying for the service. 

3.     Make Sure All Documents are Legal

Part of planning your funeral means drawing up paperwork and deciding on who is going to make your funeral arrangements and honor your wishes once you have passed away. To do this, you need to ensure that the document is legal. Once you have drawn up a document that you are pleased with, get the document notarized so that it is legally binding and needs to be carried out. Planning your own funeral can be a tiring and emotional time for you. Therefore, do not rush into making arrangements and take your time so that you do not become emotionally exhausted but also get the funeral service that you want. Funerals can be costly, and by planning your own, you will be saving your family money as well as helping them process your death.

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