The Five Benefits of Bringing Greenery into The Office Space

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Over an entire lifetime, the average person in America will spend around 90,000 hours in the workplace. This averages out to around 3750 days and over 10 years, which is a lot of time spent in an office. 

Traditional office spaces tend to be very dull and boring, however, employers are now noticing the benefits of creating a favorable work environment. Studies have shown that employees are more productive and efficient when they are happy coming into work every day. 

Here are the five benefits of bringing greenery into the office space…

Plants Make the Workplace More Attractive 

Plants can instantly elevate the appeal of a commercial space. PureModern’s commercial planters are a great option for offices that want to keep their modern age yet include plenty of greenery in the office space. 

Having an attractive workplace isn’t just ideal for the employees, it’s also inviting to potential customers and prospective job applicants. If people like the overall atmosphere, they will be more inclined to return. 

Plants Can Absorb Background Noise 

Another reason why plants are ideal for work environments is because they are great at reducing background noise. Plants have a dynamic surface area which helps reduce noise levels in a room.

Think about how much noise reverberates in an empty warehouse. Add 50 employees that are all simultaneously chatting on the phone into the mix, and it can become extremely hard to focus. 

Plants Can Help Reduce Stress 

Studies have shown that plants can reduce tension in environments by almost 40%. Offices are typically high-pressured environments and sometimes this can be very taxing on its individuals. 

Adding natural elements into the commercial space is an inexpensive way to improve mental health. Aloe vera, Peace Lilly, Snake Plant, and Philodendron are all great options to reduce stress in the workplace. 

Plants Can Help Boost Productivity 

Just as plants can help to reduce stress, they can also help to boost productivity levels. Research has consistently found a link between plants in the workplace and increased levels of productivity. 

People will spend longer working in spaces that are full of lush greenery. Plants can also help inspire creativity. Colors, patterns, and smells can help stimulate the flow of ideas. Some of the best plants to spur on creativity include the Cypress Vine and the Magenta Triosta.

Plants Can Help Clean the Air 

Finally, plants are a great addition to any office because they can help purify and clean the air. A plant is the most natural way to increase the flow of pure oxygen in your environment. 

Not only do they help remove carbon dioxide, but they can also filter out other harmful substances and chemicals. Given that we spend so much of our life working, it is only natural that we seek to make this a beneficial experience. Bringing greenery into the office is a simple way to enhance your employee’s wellbeing and create a stunning interior design at the same time.

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