How To Grow Your Business On Clubhouse

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Clubhouse, the invite-only drop-in audio chat app, is the latest must-have app. What is it? Imagine having an app that allows you to listen in on other people’s chats and drop in whenever you want. Legally. Because the people having a chat want you to drop in, listen to them and maybe even join in the conversation. They really want you in on the chat! People on Clubhouse range from the famous to the obscure, but they all have something to say. Think of Clubhouse as a kind of audio version of Twitter. Tech experts like Ben Thompson have spoken about Clubhouse’s “inevitability”. This is where social media is heading. Therefore, you need to develop strategies to help you grow your business on Clubhouse using phone farming apps. In this piece, we will explain just how you can do this. 

More and more entrepreneurs are choosing to go on Clubhouse to talk to other entrepreneurs and find ways to grow their businesses. Clubhouse offers the kind flexibility of Twitter in that you can connect with people wherever you are, whatever you are doing. But not only does it offer flexibility, it recreates the feel of being in real, live conversations with other people, allowing you to connect with other entrepreneurs, learn what other entrepreneurs are doing, exchange ideas, uncover opportunities, bond with team members, and use a new generation of monetization tools. 

Now, what you want to do before going on Clubhouse is think about your brand. You can use your account profile to communicate your brand. So it’s really important to be detailed, while also communicating your values and your value proposition. Your profile needs to be relevant to the Clubhouse group you are in. Many entrepreneurs have found Clubhouse to be a very useful tool in gaining new clients or discovering new opportunities. Many people will decide to reach out to you outside of Clubhouse based on what your profile communicates. Make it count! 

Your profile needs to communicate more than just your name and contact details and what you do. You should also link your profile to your other social media accounts in case people want to connect with you via other media. 

You need to work on your social media skills and more importantly, how you communicate. You have to stand out from the crowd so the last thing you want it to be generic and forgettable. Everyone has a personality. Use it! But another aspect is learning derives from using Clubhouse: Clubhouse is a great way to learn new skills that you can use to grow your business. Just as in real life, on Clubhouse, conversations can be very insightful and impactful and if you are open to that, your skills can dramatically improve. You can also use Clubhouse to find investors for your business. Clubhouse is beloved by investors. These investors are always looking for opportunities, such as the opportunities on offer from phone farming apps, and they would be more than willing to listen to your ideas. Nobody will turn away a good idea.

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